Who Is Morrin Bass?


I found my passion working with successful individuals, who have success in one or more areas and now want more success in other areas in their life. Now this begs a question, what is success? And I found that most successful people define success by being in balance, that sometimes is elusive and always desired.

These individuals are ready and willing to step forward to experience life to the fullest. My work is with those clients who are in their “second half” of life, when the quality of their experience changes, and a new search for meaning and depth arises.

If you know success, but lately have been feeling a bit stuck, perhaps you are successful on the job but your relationship is in a flux, or you have worked in one area and now transition to another career, or you are looking to make an important decision, adjustment, and you just can’t seem to bring yourself to be sure, or to move on…

Mentoring is what can help you.

There is this idea of creating a story of your life in the way you want to have it. We all live inside a story we are telling ourselves. We offer this story about us to the world. The angle of the story, the motivation and the direction of intention of this story is what makes it the story we know. Now imagine a story you don’t yet know about a person, you, who is the way you want to be…. How would the story change?

In my work I utilize metaphorical states of learning, higher consciousness wisdom, and what I call a gamma state. We start from a position of balance. Then I ask questions that provoke unusual angle and thought. Together we uncover for you the unique blueprint of yourself, of who you are when you are yourself and help you dust it off and begin to utilize it.

I work with your idea of creating an Avatar of yourself who is exactly the way you want to be in the world, who is you when you are yourself, the real you, who has your higher purpose in mind, knows what you want, and finds ways to step into your story.

Now you’d ask, who am I?

Some say I have an eclectic background. I grew up in Moscow, Russia, and my father, a recognized architect, always told me that I had to work hard in order to get some place in life. And I grew to believe him. So I worked hard to earn a degree, first in architecture, like my parents. I hold a Ph.D. in architecture from the Moscow University. When I moved to the US I was accepted to a business school for the second formal degree of  MBA from the Vanguard Kennedy University.

Both my parents are, accomplished architects, and growing up in Moscow, we lived a very comfortable upper middle class values life, with family and work values of an honest and creative collective as much as this was possible in the pre-perestroika Russia. My parents imprinted upon me a value of good solid education laying the grounds for family security and life of comfort.

When in graduate school, I was invited to teach an undergrad Design class at Columbia University, on the first exchange program of Moscow State Architectural School, during the transition times of erasing the iron curtain. When I came to the US my established values led me to the dreams of a new life, in a new place. I settled in New York.

It made sense to me to begin to escalate myself with all my energy up to the top of success. I started my life on Wall Street, and began earning my MBA. I worked for a large international bank and through research of the emerging markets, equity trading and project finance, in a few years years I climbed up my ladder of success in the financial industry. In the next seven years I extensively traveled through 30 states and two dozen countries for work and for pleasure, the life of comfort and security, which allowed me to begin to easily connect with people of various backgrounds and beliefs. I grew to like the comfortable lifestyle, and the work that provided for it so well.

However monetarily rewarding, my Wall Street career experience was not entirely true to my core values, and in late 1990s I found that my ladder of success was leaning against the wrong building.

I felt disappointment, and was often frustrated with my life direction, a bird in a gilded cage, I started to look for ways to leave Wall Street, and look for more meaningful work for my soul. Still in my thirties, I grew to be unhappy, divorced, and longing for something more. Feeling incomplete I began to gain weight. I was in my midlife crisis. A successful accomplished woman without  direction or meaning in life. All my education and experience could not help me find happiness.

I turned to my spiritual background from the old country. In early September of 2011 I found myself in Ireland on vacation researching my family roots. on September 11, after kissing the Blarney Stone, I watched the Twin Towers collapse and with them I heard a call to change. Things began to click in my head.

I stopped myself in my tracks. I had to take time to find my direction. My hero’s journey began. I no longer had the belief of knowing what to do next.

I did not know what to do with myself. It seemed that the entire world ended for me. I experience of myself was uneven, moody, I lost weight, and was diagnosed with hyper-thyroid.  I did not want to slide down the slippery slide.

One character trait I pride myself on is resiliency. Many times I was dropped my face down. But just as many times I got up and kept walking. If you are stopped, stand still and wait until the next step shows up. But you have to be in balance to see it.

So I started to look for my balance.  I did not know then that what I was looking for was called balance, and I turned to some holistic modalities, learned about Reiki and self-programming hypnosis, meditation and used it dedicatedly. In 3 months I was declared healthy.

Now, I was stunned. Wait, no pills, no tests anymore? The possibility of the light  in the end of the tunnel seemed incredible, yet very real. This is when I began to find a new direction, a belief that was helping me to be me. I earned certifications in several alternative modalities: clinical hypnotherapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, etc. Knowing the stress of the work of my previous job in the financial community, I was looking to pay back.

Now I had a purpose. I knew first hand that alternative works, so with my background in business, I founded the New York Awareness Center sharing with others what I can about creating and keeping balance. In 3 years I brought the business up to speed and recreated the income to support the lifestyle I had on Wall Street.

When my heart opened to the passion in my life, I began to live it with love.  I met Mark, who became my partner in life and in work. Through Mark I found the work of Dr. Joseph Riggio of Princeton, NJ. I discovered a model of living the life from the excitatory bias. I re-discovered who I am. And as I began to spend more time as myself, I began to enjoy life even more, re-evaluating my beliefs and life values, re-writing my story, I left behind what no longer served my purpose and created a new story of  my life. I learned best decision making strategies as my extension of creativity and magic. I found that spirituality, connection with inner purpose, higher consciousness, and utilization of imagination are of enormous value in building the self-perception of the life we want. I began to write a new story of my life.

Over the past seven years, I introduced to others this model of how to be yourself through mentoring programs, workshops and classes, meeting more people through speaking engagements and talks I give, provoking the awakening. Now I enjoy a devoted following of clients and students. I use mentoring work as means to help individuals who want more success in more areas in their lives.

In 2011 I celebrated 10 years as my successful enterprise.

Often people say that they have success, and even relative happiness, while they realize that something is missing in their life. I work with those who want something more, who are searching for a meaning in their life, helping them identify their patterns, connecting to the environment around them to begin living their life to the fullest.

I know the world of women executives inside and out. Perhaps this is why most of my clients are women who work, and belong to a competitive environment, often esthetic fashionistas, like myself, and who have achieved early success in their lives, and at present feel unable to create further success, in other areas in their lives, for reasons unseen with a naked eye.

I am a woman’s groups speaker. I tell stories that evoke the personal internal search. What creates your success, and conversely, what creates an unnecessary loop and leads away from success. I am skilled and trained over many years, luckily with some of the best teachers in my profession.  There are many coaches and advisors around, but what I do, only a few people in the world know how to do. Connecting intuitively with my clients, I enter into a space to hold it for you, so you can have your experience of what most represents you, through a diverse lens of your experience, leading you to your new success.

You see, we all live inside the story we are telling ourselves. It is just a matter of finding the right story and describing it for you. But you are going to do all this for yourself with my guidance. I only guide you to point you in the right direction, you do all the work yourself, because you are ready to take a leap to the next stage in your life… with meaning.

If you are like me you probably have done a lot of “fitting in” in the past, and found it repulsive at first. Yet you did it because it is expected of you. Just like many other things. Good grades, good job, marriage, kids, vacations, house payments. I know, I’ve walked the path.

What I do is I work with those women who desire something more. Then we determine what exactly they want.

I know how attractive is success, money and power. I had it. And this is not what makes people happy. We will get access to you when you have what you want.

Most of the time we start with regaining your balance. The place inside where the equilibrium is perfectly aligned and where the idea of being like this is the only desire. What I also found that this work is not for everyone. Most find me quite provocative utilizing unusual methods of evoking tranformational change, yet, clients who stuck with me have deep relationship, appreciation to the work and live extraordinary lives. Sometimes from the outside the change is not so noticeable, but on the inside they acquire a tremendous sense of personal satisfaction.

I meet people daily and I find life is full of passion. In the work that I do with each person there is a certain amount of balance, love, magic and focus, creativity requiring tremendous skill. And that is what I offer to you.

Contact me with the inspiration for your next success.  I will bring this story to your group who always enjoy my presentation and the results will be magical. Don’t we all want a little bit of magic?

Join my invitational Breakfast with Morrin presentations at a luxurious venue in New York, and learn how you can have more success in more areas in your life and live the life that you desire.


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"The work that you are doing does sound differernt from whats out there. Thats what I like about it. It seems to go to the next level...it makes sense!!" Sherri, 48, Medical Sales, Utah

"At the conference two things stood out for me. The first was your passion and knowledge about gamma, the second was the way that I felt during and after your presentation. It was a great experience for me: my body became very energized, like a power surge. I also experienced clarity about current situation in my life. I can just imagine what results I can have in private sessions with you! So I am drawn to learning more." Brad, 55, Psychiatrist, Vermont

"First of all, I was surprised at your organization, the size and breadth of the scope of work you did with me in the sessions. All my questions were answered. I was amazed how we went through the questions as sort of a blueprint of my life, and did all of it in one sitting. Very good, accomplished feeling! The most valuable revelation is that I am in charge of my life and it is doable, and can be effortless!" Jason, 57, Technical Director, Vancouver

"For a few weeks after our private work, I had not seen the connection between our work and the results in my life. I started to write every day, with interest and my novel is moving along. Recently, upon re-reading the transcripts from our sessions and evaluating my daily work, I realized, that what is now happening in my life is a direct result of our work together, my own revelations, and the personal intention I created for myself! Morrin thank you for making my life effortless! I didn't realize that I had acquired such a commitment to my writing and the actions I needed to be taking is so I can complete the book by my deadline." Teresa, 47, Author, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for your work with me. I feel so connected with inner quiet stillness and serendipity, a sensation of excitement and effortlessness. I feel very powerful in my own life experience, and exactly the way I want to be." Shirri, 38, Consultant, Israel

"Morrin, these amazing results must be attributed to our recent conversations. I don't k now how you do it. The result is that I am excited about my life, feel fully engaged in life, which is effortless and free." Lorraine R., 48, Banker

"As a mentor, you probably heard it before, but I will say it again. Now, after I started working with you, it is easier for me to do what I have to do at work. I manage a number of people and tasks, this coordination used to be tedious for me, and I used to get angry and impatient. Now I have a totally different awareness, and I had great experience learning through Gamma Hypnosis." Tim Daniel, 48, Sr. Manager, New York

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