Day 15 – Best Thing Today – The Start of The New World

I’ve been busy all day, and when I realized it was the Last Day …….I thought: hmmm, I wonder what’s going to happen…And I smiled, with curiosity and wonder.

Six years ago, when I researched ancient cultures, spiritual traditions and mythology of the human creation, I followed descriptions about the mayan calendar and predictions for the future about the end of the world. I noticed that I would only have six years left, so my first impulse was to do only what I want and nothing else, so in the end of the run I would have done all I wanted.

In the following six months I found myself getting a new skill and adding another, and then I found myself working feverishly to set up a new website ( back then it was a big deal) and hired a mentor Dr. Joseph Riggio (who is still my mentor today). I found myself working with people and wanting to do more work with more people ( which I still do) and help others through moving them to identify the direction of what they actually want.

One of the things I did back then was to travel to Egypt. Landing in Cairo, I was buzzing in anticipation of the curtain lifted to uncover the mysteries of the ancient world hidden in plain site here in the pyramids. Yet, it is a strange land, with a very different vibration, yet, there was a definite connection about the history those ancient stones held in their memory and me here and now. There was a sense of knowing without knowing, the very familiar unknown, the mythic flow, and a sense of being at peace in the midst of that hot uncertain land with armed bodyguards, gates and endless meditative tea ceremonies.

Today I remembered about that beginning of my journey with satisfaction. If the world were to end today, I would have fulfilled myself. And yes, there are a million and one things that are undone, yet, I am at peace. A great sense of satisfaction, grateful warmth came over my body and I smiled, once again. Settling in my body with a deep exhale.

Looking at the news afterward, I got caught up in watching the weather channel, predicting snow in large amounts in the next 3 hours, perhaps that’s the beginning of the end, I thought… We’ll all be buried with snow, hehe. But no! Survival is high on the list. Readiness for action, I felt immediate very slight movement forward, to stop myself, not yet. Before the upcoming weather news, in the opening vignette they showed some Russian scientists in Novossibirsk celebrating the end of the world with a little vodka, frozen to slush in its bottle, laughing that they couldn’t pour it, so they had to shake the bottle to get the slush out into a shot glass. Do you know how cold it must be there if alcohol got so frozen? The scientists had eyelashes, eyebrows and beards covered with ice, but they were laughing and joking about the interesting life they have out there in a frozen country. It felt chilly for me to look at them. And after that clip, came on a shot from the Beijin Zoo where little monkeys clutched the edges of the branch they were sitting on, uniformly sticking their faces toward, yet keeping respectful distance to the red hot spirals of a large electric reflector in the middle of their cage, warming their home.

I thought it’s the end of the day somewhere, and the end of the world, somewhere. Actually the world ends every night, when I go to sleep, the world as I know it ends EVERY DAY. There is a new beginning in a new way every day. For each person. The way we choose to begin the day creates a sequence of events in our life subsequent to the way we begin the day. And it is our decision. Fortunately, we are not monkeys in a cage. Nor are we locked out in the nowhere. We are in the familiar environment every day, doing what we choose.

Wait a minute, you’ll say. We start every day, ok, wake up, brush out teeth, eat breakfast, kiss the kids, go to work. But creating the events in the day?

Sure! Who’s there to make you wake up, go to work, or even brush your teeth. We have to, you’d say. No you don’t! Yet, we do, so therefore, we choose to do what we do. We create the continuity to the world as we know it, and the changes in it too. In the big picture, babies get born and grow up and have their own babies, and life goes on, as it always did. The survival of the fittest and mutations because of the food supply and available machinery continues, changes in industry specialties, and the way we dress, eat, sleep and work, habits and behaviors are changing, maybe too gradually to notice, but dramatically, if you take even the last 20 year, let alone 200 or 2,000 years. Our children’s brains work differently than ours, their bodies make movements that we can’t even imagine ourselves to make, they speak the language we can’t understand, even if it is the same English language it is a “modern” English. My former editor Ella mentioned to me that in modern English it is becoming appropriate to write in a formal letter “lite” instead of “light” and Wensday without “d” or “e” which is particularly annoying, but that’s just me.

But this is minor, and I am willing to accept the change, watching my 94 year-old mother-in-law, who can’t make heads or tails of what’s happening on the news.  Why do people do stuff they do, she asks? Then I explain to her that most people can’t make heads or tails of what’s happening in their life, because they are spinning their wheels. According to statistics more people consider themselves less happy today then people 20 years ago, and fewer people consider themselves in control of their lives then before, and yet we have more stuff available to us: computers, machinery, electronics. So how do we make sense of where we are in order to make a decision about our future? What numbers do we punch in where so the machine could spit out the answer for us what to do with ourselves so we can be happy, satisfied and content with the world. What are we going to do in the new day with the new world, tomorrow, or as Ella says, 2moro? If most people think they have little control over their lives now, what happens next? If you can’t determine  how we make life decisions, how do we make sure whether to eat broccoli, become a scientist, or fall in love?

One of my former clients last year had been dating three men and wanted to choose one to settle and marry. After all it is very time and energy consuming to date three people with the same intensity. Up till then, she dated all three of them. Soon two of them proposed to her, almost on the same day, and she accepted TO BOTH. It is not funny that a 44-year-old woman cannot make a decision like this? Her question was “whom do I choose,” when she came to me. I told her it was more than that. It was how do I make decisions? What process do I use to be sure of my intention? And the big one for all, Who am I ?

Once that last one is answered, it is all easy after that. We spend a couple of hours together. Next week she moved in with one of her choices. It has been 8 months since then, and she had made some really big changes in her life, and she is still with that guy.

I guess too many people didn’t want to have the world end today. So it didn’t. And I want it to continue. And now I see that it will. A new day, and a new world. What do you want to create today?

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