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ast night I attended an NSA (National Speakers Association) event in New York for a lecture on Powerful Presentations. After the lecture many people stayed for a glass of chilled chardonnay in a spacious 15th-floor conference room overlooking the Hudson River.

At one point, during this evening I found myself sharing about my upcoming book on stories from my spiritual hypnosis work, and the information on what I have been focusing on in he last few years. My colleague-speaker, an author and an educator, asked me how I got into hypnotism altogether. “Isn’t hypnosis a scare-off for many people when they speak to you?” he asked.

NO, I said, on the opposite, it makes a powerful entrance. So I told a short story. As a profesional hypnosis instructor, for over a decade, I have trained over a thousand professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists (medical hypnotists) all over the world, and I think knowing hypnosis, hypnotic protocols hypnotic language, and the way hypnotic interventions are organized to help others, is very useful. Usually, un-informed people are afraid of hypnosis, because it seems like they may lose control.

Control of what?

Of their beliefs?

Is it possible?

If the belief is truly yours, and it is useful to you, like keeping your religious conviction, or bank account number secret, it is not possible to hypnotize someone to let go of that belief.

On the other hand, if the belief is someone else’s, not yours, and you associate with it just because you always have, like my mother and her pain, like my client and his inability to reach success, then it is useful to let go of that belief.

My family imprinted upon me a belief that I need to work hard all the time. My father had an iron grip on his career and was at work all the time, even when he was at home. I grew to believe that if I am not working I am being lazy. By the way, when I realized that this belief – to work hard all the time – is not my true belief, I let go of it very easily. And now, I work, and probably very hard, but I don’t see it as hard work, it is what I like to do and it is fun, so most of the time I have fun even if I am working. But this is a very special conversation, I will leave it for the next time.

And here my colleague and I got to talking about how I got into this work, professional hypnotism.

A few years after I came to live in New York in early 1990’s I started to work on Wall Street. My first experience with the trading floor was to walk into a spacious, brightly lit room, which housed long desks for about 300 people, and just a couple of women amongst all men, suits and ties, white shirts, all talking on the phone at the same time, some standing up, some pacing around their desk, some smoking, and all of them staring intensely at the screens of several computers in front of each of them. Just about what you saw in the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas.

Imagine, a flaming red-haired girl, in my late 20’s, wearing a black suit, I was more than good looking and attracted attention as I walked onto the trading floor, with my eyes wide open. I was overwhelmed by the noise and by the lack of people’s awareness of what is going on around each one of them. They were all pre-occupied with what they were doing in that moment. I thought, “Wow! What a stressful job. Would I be able to last here? Is this what I want?”

Three months later, I successfully adapted to become one of them. I had forgotten all my fears of noise, and, just like the rest of them, I was senselessly staring at my screens with intensity that brought me headaches, and that I hardly noticed anything around me. One day a girl just like me, suddenly appearing behind my chair, saying hello to me. I saw fear in her eyes, but I had no time to pay attention to that. So I briefly said hello back and sat her with her task list to help me work. That moment  momentarily brought back my own first day on the floor, not quite believing, that I would be able to assimilate in the new environment so well and so quickly.

Just a few weeks later, I was able to keep concentration on my work so closely, that I could not hear the phone ring on my desk, ruling out everything else completely, except the things I needed to pay attention to.

How was I able to train myself to keep focus so well?

To this day I am able to concentrate on my work to such extent that I override everything else in my environment. But since I have not been in the financial business for over 10 years, you might ask, how I am able to keep such sharp concentration?

The answer is …. I use hypnosis.

In fact, I use self-hypnosis. Since all hypnosis is a way of focussing on one thing, person, idea, object, with the exclusion of everything else, just for that moment. Once you establish the focus on one thing, technically you are in a hypnotic trance.

During a normal day we all transition from one hypnotic trance to another. Eating a meal, watching TV, writing an e-mail, reading a book, talking on the phone, etc…. an endless list of what can be a trance experience every day, for every person.

And of course, all trance is self-hypnosis. Once you go into a focused state, you yourself permit yourself to enter into a trance, being hypnotized by the author of the e-mail you are responding to, the taste of your meal, the visual input of your TV, conversation you are having, etc…

Since all trance is self-hypnosis, I say, why not choose what or who you want to be hypnotized by, or about.

Perhaps, you would want to be hypnotized about how to be successful instead of keeping your attention on what is not working in your life. Many people cannot make this distinction, between their own focused attention on what is not working and what they want to be paying attention to in their life.

We all have patterns of success and patterns of… let’s call it, other behavior. Learning to understand how focused attention is created and how to keep concentrated attention, focused on what you want happen in life, business, and other areas, is the key in utilizing hypnosis for life.

10 years ago, I decided to hypnotize myself to focus on my business, with positive suggestions for my success. I just commenced in this new direction and was not so sure I had all the confidence I needed. So I started to listen to a series of recorded suggestions which I created for myself. They included my purpose, how I wanted my business to grow and what I was prepared to do, all in present tense, action suggestions. And of course, a powerful hypnotic induction of focused attention.

The suggestions contained doable, actionable and believable actions for myself, briefly stated in present tense, crating a powerful “ready to do it” mode. Every time I re-emerged to my waking state I felt powerful energy moving me in the direction of successful completion. By the end of the third week of my listening to this recording I was ready to open doors of my new business, New York Awareness Center, sharing the wealth of information and the skills with others who need strategy and personal performance enhancement.

You could say, I was completely hypnotized into the next layer of myself. I say, I removed the layer of myself that was no longer useful for my success. I was hypnotized. Yes, and I still am! I believe that my success comes from my own ability to absorb the suggestion to myself. And of course, the suggestion composed in the right way.

Usually this is what happens. We absorb the suggestions that are useful for us and that really work for us. Something along the lines of what we want to believe.

Today, I respond to my own hypnosis even faster than ever. All it takes for me is to say a word representing a state I want to be in right now, and a slow blink of my eyes, and I am where I want to be in my world of emotional and physical response to my environment.

So I shared this brief description of my methodology with my colleague, the author of a few educational books on how-to hands-on approaches to improving one’s life, and he pointed out that he would not only read this book I am writing, but really recommend it to others.

Well, I am nearing completion, and soon I will introduce it to you. In the meantime, I will be introducing some techniques I describe in my new book.

We all perform at our best. Most of the time, in most of the moments, it is the best we can do. And, agree, sometimes we do stuff that later makes our own hair stand up on our heads, that is when we know more, or if we know more…. Agree, you know, all too well, you could do better than this! And the sooner the better!

If I told you, I found the way to prove to myself that I couldn’t do better than this, because I am doing the best I can at every moment. Do you want to know how to be the best you can be?

Let me share with you, so you could do all you can do in the next moment. So you could say, I have done my best. I did all I could. I am satisfied with my performance. I am complete.

Sign up your name in the box on the right and I will show you how you can improve your already great performance and create an even better way of creating your own legacy. And as a result, enjoy it more and have this incredible feeling of satisfaction you want.

Isn’t it what you want? So what are you waiting for? Sign you name. And get access to the information you want.

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