Building Your Intention Avatar

Avatar: \ˈa-vəˌtär\ Sanskrit – an embodiment in you of  a person (you) of a concept or philosophy; a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity, YOU.

Intention: determination to act in a certain way, product of  directed attention.

Building Avatar is a program to begin to manifest your desired future.

Yes, I know, you say, I have an idea of my future. Yes, so did Claire, a recent client of mine. She was all set up. She was just curios, when she walked in. She said, I am all set, I have everything, I just want to know is it all there is?

Is it all there is to life: just job, eat, sleep, work, eat, help kids, like a robot, like a machine, non-stop, always busy, always doing something.  I recognized it, it’s the pattern I had, back on the job, over a decade ago. Doing something constantly.

She grew up in the environment of doing. A part of a large family of 12 – 10 kids and parents constantly doing something, and if not doing anything feeling like she should be doing something. A family of achievers. Catholic, honest and very hard working.

Claire is now 55, and a great sales person, selling medical equipment to hospitals and saving lives every day. She often gets phone calls at night asking her how to work a particular part of the equipment, because the technicians aren’t working 24 hours a day, like she is. She does very well in her sales, making it possible for the family to live in a wonderful home and fly to Hawaii twice a year.

But there is something else.

She says, “I just want my husband to love me again.” Turns out the intimacy she used to love isn’t present anymore. For about 8 months now. I ask if both are healthy. “Yes,” she sais, “Just no drive for being alive. I get so tired and worn out, but I am a woman inside there somewhere.”

I hate to start work from addressing issues. I tell her, “I don’t do issues, I am not a psychologist. I am a mentor.”

What this means is that I teach you how to be yourself, where you access the deep unique part of you that makes your world, and you go out back into the world being yourself, and see how the world changes in response to you when you are yourself, to get you your results. 

She agrees to work for a trial 3-months.

A week later at our second session I ask how things went on after our first meeting. She said, casually, “Or very well, actually.” The details of well are that within the two days following our session her husband practically went back in time to the beginning of their marriage, and displayed love like he hasn’t in the past twenty years. “Wow,” she sai, “I meant to mention this.”

I meant to mention?

On the third session I asked how things are again. She said proudly, that the new pattern persists. She said, “I don’t know what happened. It seems that I don’t do anything different, yet, I feel more energy, and the world around me responds differently to me.”

“Is this what you want?” I ask.  “Are we moving in the right direction?”

“Oh, yes,” she says, “If you can’t get sex for 8 months and suddenly you get laid every other day for 5 weeks, something had shifted!” Clare pauses, “I have to thank you for what you do, but I can’t even describe what you do.”

SO here is the gist of the work that I offer:

1. We uncover who you are and allow that to drive your experience of creating your future.

2. Together we create your desired Avatar of YOU in the future, holding your intention.

3. Then we merge the intention into your life integrating the Avatar of the future with you at present.

As a result,

1. You become aware of yourself, in relation to your body, your consciousness, your intention.

2. You become aware of yourself in relation of others.

3. You create an intention for how you want to be in life, added your awareness

4. Using this awareness, begin to direct your life’s transformation

Morrin Bass Spiritual Freedom
Building Your Awareness and Freedom, Intention Avatar Mentoring with Morrin Bass

Delightful, competent, provocative” (Maria, 38),  your personal professional consultant Morrin Bass leads you to your commitment to yourself beyond limitation. Remove all limitations you become free to create your desired self in your Avatar.

Inside all of us is a champion waiting to get out. We all have patterns of failures and patterns of success. Which patterns are you mostly aware of?

What is your process to be successful? Could you replicate it in any given moment?

What do you put your attention to? In which area do you want results?

Morrin will show you how you can leap to your future, through taking care of your past, your perception of yourself in the present and using the imagination of the future create your spiritual awareness in relation to the world.

Join Morrin, to learn what you do to be successful, pay attention tot eh results your own process generates, adjust your process and generate a transformational difference in your new results. You will be able to project your future you – your Avatar – into your present. You begin living your life as your Avatar – future self, through raising your spiritual awareness of your purpose you will create your future in the present. Spend some time with Morrin exploring the most interesting person to you – you. Only when you know you to the fullest, you can begin to know what to do next.

This process is not for everyone. some people refuse to give up their issues and problems, and the progress in not in problems. It is only for those who are committed to themselves, ready to propel themselves to the next level, for those who want exclusive and outstanding life that they want for themselves, those who are ready to mature to the creative and contributory relationship with the world.

What are you ready to contribute?


How would you like to spend a day in the presence of energy of an experienced mentor ?

Call Morrin at 646-522-5886 for the pre-qualifying interview for making a definite plan for your future.

Imagine, you are able to do things you never thought possible from the position when you are at your best, creating an intention leading up to the future that you have only been holding in your dream, now making decisions from the place of peace and having what you want, the decisions you never regret.  Together we will strategize and create the plan for your most breathtaking elevation to your top performance and concrete results in your life: whether in life, business or relationship.

Commitment Options:

How would you like to have Morrin’s support and gentle back up in your path of actively moving forward toward what you want?

To continue and display your further interest with e-mail click here and you will be redirected to the Information Subscription Page.

All applicants are accepted on the first come first served basis.

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"The work that you are doing does sound differernt from whats out there. Thats what I like about it. It seems to go to the next makes sense!!" Sherri, 48, Medical Sales, Utah

"At the conference two things stood out for me. The first was your passion and knowledge about gamma, the second was the way that I felt during and after your presentation. It was a great experience for me: my body became very energized, like a power surge. I also experienced clarity about current situation in my life. I can just imagine what results I can have in private sessions with you! So I am drawn to learning more." Brad, 55, Psychiatrist, Vermont

"First of all, I was surprised at your organization, the size and breadth of the scope of work you did with me in the sessions. All my questions were answered. I was amazed how we went through the questions as sort of a blueprint of my life, and did all of it in one sitting. Very good, accomplished feeling! The most valuable revelation is that I am in charge of my life and it is doable, and can be effortless!" Jason, 57, Technical Director, Vancouver

"For a few weeks after our private work, I had not seen the connection between our work and the results in my life. I started to write every day, with interest and my novel is moving along. Recently, upon re-reading the transcripts from our sessions and evaluating my daily work, I realized, that what is now happening in my life is a direct result of our work together, my own revelations, and the personal intention I created for myself! Morrin thank you for making my life effortless! I didn't realize that I had acquired such a commitment to my writing and the actions I needed to be taking is so I can complete the book by my deadline." Teresa, 47, Author, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for your work with me. I feel so connected with inner quiet stillness and serendipity, a sensation of excitement and effortlessness. I feel very powerful in my own life experience, and exactly the way I want to be." Shirri, 38, Consultant, Israel

"Morrin, these amazing results must be attributed to our recent conversations. I don't k now how you do it. The result is that I am excited about my life, feel fully engaged in life, which is effortless and free." Lorraine R., 48, Banker

"As a mentor, you probably heard it before, but I will say it again. Now, after I started working with you, it is easier for me to do what I have to do at work. I manage a number of people and tasks, this coordination used to be tedious for me, and I used to get angry and impatient. Now I have a totally different awareness, and I had great experience learning through Gamma Hypnosis." Tim Daniel, 48, Sr. Manager, New York

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