Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. 

Friedrich Nietzsche


When I came to my first transpersonal experience, like everyone else I wanted to know my purpose, my mission. The experience started with my constant oscillation between conscious thought and curiosity to find out more. I quickly realized that in order for me to have the experience that I want, and to receive the information I was seeking from my higher awareness, I needed to shut down my mental chatter, interrupting my experience and doubting my sensations. I was like many skeptics: overflowing with internal questions and judgment. I had to let go of my desire to understand and allow the magic to unfold.

As soon as I made the decision to let go of my analytical thoughts, I dropped into a very deep trance immediately. I quickly began to have physical sensations of weightlessness and floating in my body, I lost awareness of the room, the facilitator, and the questions I brought in, and suddenly I had a curious vision. I noticed a floating sensation, and observed a series of moving pictures, watching the action from the inside, perceiving my body being in active motion, while being still on the outside. I heard my voice speaking audibly with someone familiar although on the physical plane I was motionless and quiet.

I began to zoom into the figures in front of me. I stood before an auditorium of 9 people, who looked like old men, uniformly dressed in white long belted gowns, some wore glasses, all sitting behind a long semi-circular table, facing me. Although I was in a place with no floor, there was a sensation of standing. A very bright light was shining in my face and I experienced pleasant sensations of being loved and appreciated.

For a moment, I thought, “Neah, I am imagining this,” and immediately, someone answered, saying, “Come on! Stop doubting! Be curious, go on!” I brought my attention back to the scene.

Whose voice was that?

I had two inner voices: one positive, encouraging, loving and one negating, complaining, doubtful. When I questioned myself, I listened to who is responding. Another “me,” a well intentioned “Higher Self” who has a positive outlook for me, undoubtfully answered this time.

The scene felt strangely familiar; I had no questions at this time, about what it all meant. It felt like I already know all the answers to all the questions I was going to ask, so I paused quietly, admiring the clarity of this experience. There was certain acceptance in the awareness of this experience.


This is an excerpt from the book Staying In The Light available at a pre-order price here.

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  1. Tivo
    8 years ago


    The book is an amazing read. It pulls you in with an amazing story of the author’s experience, of the experiences of clients and a framework and guidling principles to live a deeper truer experience of your life. There is the neuroscience also to support the orientation and wisdom held in this book. If you read the book you will get more than you can imagine. The value and teachings hear are amazing and fully life serving.

    Thanks for putting out this wonderful book that is sure to influnce and bring a whole new possibility to others.



  2. Morrin
    8 years ago

    Hi Tivo, Thanks for supporting my work, and hope that my words give you light.

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