The Flow of Creativity – Pt II

Here is an ancient story I am going to tell you here. Imagine yourself at the bottom of the ocean.

Underneath the wealth of water, you are, in a safe and comfortable way. Like many a living thing inside the ocean, functioning well and living their life never coming up to the surface.

It is always the same stable temperature under the water at the bottom of the ocean. The same stable pressure, the same stable environment.

Up at the top there can be a sunlit crystal clear see-through water, or a horrid darkness of stormy weather, crushing the lands and causing shipwrecks, it is all the same stable even structured calm waters underneath at the bottom of the ocean.

You can see you life from here, like the top of the ocean waters.

You can choose to come up to the top at the sunlight to enjoy or remove yourself from the storm at darkness, you can choose to drift with the flow, mastering the skill of being at the surface, or mastering the skill of knowing when to remove yourself from the surface to be safe and preserve peace and calm.

After a while it becomes easy to experience what you want, and to know, without knowing when the weather is nice and to come out to enjoy it. Perhaps the next thing that comes to mind will be to create.



This is called exercising mindsight, in a minfulness training. Learn more about it in the book by Daniel Seigel, PhD, called Mindsight.

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