A Look Into Your Future

In one of the ISM communities I came across a response-provoking question regarding human ability to look into the future. I suspect, everyone is interested in their future, the path, the clarity of seeing it, and the ways we can modify it to create the future we want. Now I see this question as an opportunity for a potentially profound discussion, because I as well as my potential reader, am interested in uncovering the co-relation between how we are at present and our ability in seeing into the future.

Is it possible to see into the future using hypnosis as some are now claiming? I don’t believe so. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that it is impossible to view a sub-atomic particle and know where it is or where it is going at the same time with 100% accuracy. The only insight one can utilize to determine probable future outcomes are those based within the discernible context of cause and effect. What are your thoughts?

What a great series of questions!

To begin with, let us make separate questions that are being asked.

1. Is it possible to see into the future using hypnosis as some are now claiming? is a dual question:

a. Is it possible to see into the future?What this means: Is it possible to visualize the future? Which basically eventually boils down to the question every client asks: Is it true?

b. Is it possible to use hypnosis in such way that one can visualize (the future, the past, the life between lives)?

2. What is the relation of hypnotic visualization of the future to the theory of quantum mechanics and namely the Principle of Uncertainty? Interesting one, to tie in theories that have seemingly little to do with each other, one being esoteric and imagination-based, another – scientific and algebraically-based.

3. What becomes a trajectory of the future and particularly of one’s future outcomes?

4. How does a future trajectory relate to cause and effect theory? And how will this question co-relate with the quantum theory: if we know some measure of a property in one moment, does the next moment becomes more measurable (causality) or less measurable (quantum theory)…

But let’s start from the beginning.

Provided I am a follower of the quantum theory, which I happen to be, and even more so I am a believer in hypnosis, I subscribe to the view of a human ability to tap into the future using the states induced by hypnosis.

It is well known, that a part of quantum theory states a principle of Uncertainty described by Heisenberg. The main premise of the principle is that we cannot know the precise measure of one property and know another measure of that property with the same quality of precision.  Which means that if you are at home, and I know nothing else about you, I have no knowledge what you may be doing now, and what you will do next. But if I know that you provide an income for a family, I will know that you are going to make a business/work related decision in the near future. I, therefore, in this moment, know that you hold an intention for your future that potentially will determine your future movement and your (initial) trajectory of your future.

A particle’s movement in space and time at present determines the trajectory of its directional movement in the future ….if there are no variables….

If there are no variables introduced into the system from the point of measure to the point of the next measure the determined trajectory  can be calculated. If there is any change: another particle moving to make impact with the first one before the next measure, or a change in temperature, moisture, pressure, etc. of the environment, the measures in the next moment and the outcomes will be changed.

Are there any variables in a life of a living individual? Human system is not a static system. Every moment something new is introduced, and changes occur, whether noticeable or not. Temperature fluctuations, chemically manipulated states of experiencing nutritional well-being or change in blood pressure, thoughts, physical movement, interaction with another human being, etc. Variable are introduced in our life every moment.

In hypnosis, one is in a state of focused awareness, experiencing connection with a flow of internal information related to intention: images, sensations, sounds and experiences that are immediately translated into a story based on a subconscious symbolic metaphorical content and personal belief system. Some of that content will relate to a visual-sensory narrative of the representation of the “future”, with related awareness about that future.

Subconscious mind, or rather unconscious mind, as introduced by Freud, means sequences of events, imagery, representations, perceptions and responses that appear out of our conscious awareness, and we are unaware of what they are and what they mean, until the intention for those experience is set.

Those un-judged experiences, unknown to the conscious awareness, are unpredicted and largely unexplored. To many people this idea of unconscious awareness is familiar as intuition. Over thousands of years in the world mythology, explored by Joseph Campbell, a renown mythology expert, this concept of being able to predict the future on the basis of unexplained creative interpretation was revered in others. Those who were able to look into the future (shamans, healers, witches, psychics) were feared and mystified, unknowing, that this ability is available to all of us. 

Each one of us can and must become a person to look into their own future and know that this is the future they want, thus creating their own trajectory of the future. Once the Intention for the experience is set, we begin to focus our attention to seek out the experience relating to the intention. We seek the signals in the system fo signify the correct intention, path, awareness, intuition. A lot of experience then become conditioned to the intention.

“In hypnosis, connection and exploration of this unconscious awareness, intuition, is naturally tied into a narrative related to the individual’s situations, intentions and desires, a sense of available space, where any change is possible and within reach, with a degree of knowing, precision and clarity.”

This sense could relate to the future, or the past, or a parallel reality, or another form of existence. The exciting part in it is once you visualize your future, past or parallel experience in your awareness, once the information comes to the level of conscious awareness, the experience begins to change, transform, creating itself in a movement and flow of a highly absorbant and malleable form. The trajectory of future begins to change having absorbed the knowledge of what already came to conscious awareness. The present experience begins to accommodate for the changing trajectory of the movement into intended future, therefore changing the future outcomes, even though intended previously, or new unknown forms of those outcomes, so therefore, the future changes. Just take another peek at the brilliant metaphor of the movie Back to the Future.

Now let’s refer to the original question above that is followed by

I don’t believe so.

“I don’t believe” that in hypnotic awareness I can bring forth my visualization of the future? Or “I don’t believe” that I can allow myself to experience it? Two different questions.

When the person does not know, or has never experienced a hypnotic awareness state, it is hard for them to judge what can or cannot happen. The next thing would be to find a professional specializing in this kind of deep experiences and experience it. It becomes a question of personal willingness to experience the possibilities of your own multi-mind in the states of higher consciousness, letting go of the unusual nature of the profound experience, and allowing metaphorical narrative to arise showing previous and future experiences, sensations, imagery of various existences.

Speaking of a metaphor, I am fascinated with hypnotic metaphor and unconscious symbolism in personal awareness. The best I can describe it is a sudden opening of new horizons of possibilities, as well as curious and sometimes funny self-imposed limitations in various forms of previous and cultural beliefs. It is alike a fun and unpredictable tale not unlike Alice in Wonderland dropping into the depth of the rabbit hole. How deeply can you allow yourself to go?

The moment we know something additional in a moment, the trajectory of the future begins to change. This ties into the theory of causality. The life events are just sequences caused and influenced by the organism’s living changes. After one change occurs, a piece of knowledge is added to the system, and the next sequence is modified.

Predictability of the future is non-existent. Predict the future for this moment, yet in the next few moments, the world updates, all systems update, and every individual future will change.

An interesting twist I see here is the position from which one asks questions about the future. How are you when you ask questions about your future?

“In order to be able to see the future, you need to know where you are at the present. Ask yourself this question first: what do you want? What do you want to uncover, predict, create for yourself? What needs to be in place for the future you want? How are you when you have it all? What does it feel like to be like that, having it all? “

Then it is easy and profound to look into the future you actually really want to experience. Otherwise, if you are not desiring that future, why bother exploring it at all, through all the tedious pathways that didn’t work. Instead, look into the future that works for you, and that you desire. Learn from that Future You, that accomplished it for you, and re-create it in the present, than see what really comes your way.

So is it possible to look into the future with hypnosis after all?

Of course! Do it often with more and more precision. Once you open into the state of higher consciousness, and begin to scan the system for the information in a focused and directed way, all according to your set intention, the information becomes available with the certain degree of precision, clarity of knowing, and any change in the desired direction becomes possible.

Is it true? Can you trust it?

“In my opinion, everyone must experience looking into their future through setting their intention for life, at least into the nearest future. Find that the experience of satisfaction with this future will then determine your path toward it. Then decide to amend it in the way you want.”

In conclusion, I want to offer you this discussion, share your comments, pose questions, and I thank all of you who participate in it. Future us so scientifically unpredictable, yet so exciting, changing and magical.

Share what are your thoughts on this?

Type in your comments below and after approval, you will see them in the box below for discussion with others. 


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  1. Dennis
    9 years ago

    hmmm….interesting post. I think there is a teleological pull that we all can have access to, if we choose.

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