Balance and Courage

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Yes, it’s me! I am in there – flying this plane!

Last summer I learned to fly a plane. Mark and I went to a conference near Boston and on the way there we saw a local airport in Marlboro and he offered me a lesson to learn to fly a cute little plane called Cessna 150.

Ok. I said it and inside me was this feeling, you know when you raise your eyebrows. Surprise. I know this feeling. At first it is like Wow! what a fun thing to do! Then it is like sinking through the quicksand lightheadedness, and a question: Can I do it? Then I take a breath and calm down. Of course, I can! I have done things that require more bravery and courage than this in my life!

I moved across the universe and started a new life in the new country after I had completed my way to the top in the old country.

I started a second career after that, climbed to the top, and made it a big financial success, and then for the third time, made that one a success too. I had it to recognize when it is for me, and especially, when it isn’t for me.

Do you know this feeling? When you know, with absolute certainty that what you are about to do is the right thing to do even if it might look otherwise. Have you ever walked out on the job when you knew that ahead is only the unknown?

And not just this. Knowing that it is for you. Courage is what I call the feeling of knowing that it isn’t for you and there is only unknown ahead, yet, you make this leap into the unknown and start over.

Have you ever ended a relationship knowing that this is not for you? Having the courage to keep looking, keep hoping and start over, and move on, until you find the only thing that you know you can’t NOT do, until you find the only one person you know you can’t NOT love.

I kept looking until I found the only one with whom to spend the rest of my life.

I had the courage to do all of that. Of course I can learn to fly a plane.

Are you courageous? Do you want to be courageous? Life has a totally new meaning when you do something you have never done before. Does not have to be the biggest thing, and not the smallest either. Just what needs to be done in this moment.

Give it a moment now, think, what do you need to get done that you were not able to get done before, and that you need to get done. Take a deep breath, find your position of balance and then decide. Is this thing you want to do, is it on your path or isn’t it? And what adjustment do you have to do to make it happen now?

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