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I received my author's hard copy of my book Staying In The Light: How To Integrate The 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul.

I received my author’s hard copy of my book Staying In The Light: How To Integrate The 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul. Hurriedly, I unpacked the box and felt myself breathing more rapidly.

I took the book out and yelled out: “Yeppie!!! My book is here!” And laughed, turning and talking to Mark. What a wonderful sensation to share this joy with my partner! Everything inside me was singing! The energy raising from the bottom of my body to my throat and out in a giggle and excitement!

For a while I played with the soft glossy cover. I looked at the design with a proud eye. A young flowy maiden looked dreamily into the light from the glowing golden drawing I made years ago which I used for my book cover.

On the back cover, a designed drawing of a breakthrough information download, while the bubble with the tied up maiden symbolizing restrictions and limitations is floating away in space.

A couple of days ago my book went live on Amazon, Kindle and all other e-sites. Barnes& Noble is carrying my book on their site and in stores. And now I can hold it in my hands.

I stared at the book for a while. It seemed like eternity that months had gone by since I wrote it. A few people read it and sent me their regards and thanks. Now thumbing through it I feel curious and engaged. I read a couple of pages, and thought to myself, that I would like to be my own reader. I really liked what I was reading. It is an easy read and an informative thoughtful educating information. I was glad I had this book in my hands.  I liked what I was experiencing. I put it aside and then took it back into my hands again. A tangible proof of my success, and tribute to the years of study and work… I felt so proud. This was the best thing today.

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