Choices and Decisions

It is great that we have choices.

The choices we have in making our decisions what to eat, what to wear, who to marry. We are glad to have choices, we call it freedom.

Let alone if there are too many choices, even with few choices we often stop unable to make a decision.

Why so often we are unable to make a decision that seals our image to the world, who we are married to, or what car we drive?

Why so often we are unable to identify with what we stand for, commit to it, and a simple decision-making process tailspins us into the identity crisis?

How DO you know for sure, when you meet someone, whether to allow this to grow into a “relationship”, or drop it from the start? How do you know when to take control?

How do you know for sure you grab or discard an opportunity for a relationship with someone, who has similar values with you, but is from another background? Where do you get the information for that decision?

Choices for authentic relationship may be left and right around you. Where do you look? What do you need to pay attention to even if you are looking in the right direction?

How do you identify yourself to that person so there is no misunderstanding? Who are you? What do you like, what do you want?

Choices and decisions about those issues can drive us nuts.  So what had humanity invented as a means of accessing the answers to the most fundamental questions of each person’s identity?

For ages people have been coming to others for reassurance and boost of self-confidence. Since ancient Egypt, and later through Babilonian times astrology was cultivated for every person for every reason, move and decision for every day. Then came the Greeks with their Delphic Oracle, helping landowners to identify the right direction for their business, or to marry the right person. The richer the client, the more personal attention the oracle gives them.

Not unlike ancient times today people need others to reassure them and give them a boost of self-confidence when making a decision.  Even presidents have their own spiritual advisors.

Unable to identify with the signals coming from ourselves, our body, our own better judgement, we are often ready to override the obvious with the more obscure assuredness from someone we barely know.

If only you can know what signals to look for wouldn’t this be a great start?

Then further, sustaining the position of ability to use your own identity resources, begin to make the decisions of which you are sure and never regret.

Think about it.  Do you want to be able to make decisions so you never regret a single one?

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