Courage to Choose Another Myth

We all are born with a potential to be magnificent and absolutely unique. Our path reflects the journey of our lives. How do we choose which path to walk?

The path we choose to walk is the mythology of our lives. The myth each person lives, the story you tell yourself is the path you begin to walk, so it reflects your belief system and your history. HOw do we choose this myth? How do we tell it?

For us to be magnificent and absolutely unique, we need to know the Secret. The secret is that you need to accept it, to learn it, to breathe it in and out every moment of your life, for it to be true.

Not often, though, people become to be aware of that fact that they even live a story of their myth. Most of the time, they take the clothes that someone lays out for them to wear, put them on, trying to fit in, and go on trying to be like everyone else. Because it makes all others feel comfortable when you are just like them.

If we fail to make passages from one stage to the next in our development successfully, the transitions between periods become rough, creating serious consequences. Lack of integration following the transition causes us to feel stuck, stagnant, alone, powerless. We feel lost and unfulfilled.

In one way or another, not knowing the way one transitions and integrates the lessons of development, can bring a person to on-sided success, pulling all the force away from another area in their life, creating and deepening a dis-balance and ultimately a dis-ease in their unconscious perception of themselves.

It is at this time in our lives where we need guidance, and especially, courage to ask for such guidance.

As we grow, from being a helpless baby to an adult, as we develop, the  myth of our lives can begin to change. We can decide to tell ourselves a different story.

Ask for guidance, necessary to allow the mind to learn in a useful way with a positive bias toward awareness and development contains transformation toward the desired result.

Our mind has an interesting capacity to go forward in time and to go back into the past times. Utilizing this capacity is one of the faster ways to learn our own wisdoms. Through guidance much learning can be evoked and integrated in a quicker and smoother way.

The wisdom necessary to make transitions to your desired result successfully and quickly lies as treasure in the depth of your subconscious. Working with the subconscious the powerful stories, metaphors of the past, parallel and future lives, create the opportunity for the awareness of a new mythology.

Then parts of the chosen myth, reflecting the patterns of success for you, is gradually integrated into your body, your life, creating the new reality, behavior, in a centered, balanced, well-structured way, from which your begin to know how to function in a well developed way.

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