Dancing Samba

Interesting how flexibility becomes second nature when your mind is open.

I decided to start dancing again. It has been at least 35 years since I had attended a weekly dancing lesson. Today I joined the group for another start in active power dance as part of my exercise routine.

I did no blink an eye when I heard that the Zumba dance instructor did not show up and that the substitute is a Salsa instructor. Ok, so what, I was open to an experience with dance.

As the instructor, a tiny quick moving woman in black suede dance shoes, started the program, I kept looking closely at her feet so I could replicate movements. It seemed to me that everyone in the class knows the moves better than I do, even though it was ridiculous to think that, because the instructor was a substitute and came in with another dance program.

So I felt awkward at first. I felt myself deferring to a familiar way of doing things: desperately trying to figure out the moves with my eyes first and then translate them into the motion of my body.

In a few minutes through, I gave up and decided to let my body do the dancing. It was easier and faster to get me to move correctly. Immediately I felt that I could pick up the moves and as long as I did not think about which foot to move where and how, I was fine. I was dancing.

I began to feel fun, it was fun to dance. I felt muscles in my body moving in my legs, my back and my arms. I felt my body parts participating in movements with pleasure. I let my body do the dancing and I looked at myself in the mirror just to correct the basic gross directions of the move.

I let myself mentally relax and breathed. I trusted that my body knew what to do responding to sample dance moves. I felt the the ease of dance is coming back to me. After all, back then, in early childhood, I spent 4 years in a ballet school, all before I knew how to read and write.

I realized that my body actually remembers the easy natural moves and puts them into a dance, and that as I let it step, stretch and leap, I felt expansion in my chest and energy rising in pulsing movement through my torso. I was having fun moving with those waves in surges, ecstatically throwing my arms, as shown, to sides with the fast rhythm of the music. I looked at myself into the mirror again and saw my face smiling with my mouth wide open, eye brows raised and eyes looking alert. I looked like I was having fun. I felt fun! It felt good to be in my body in that moment!

The moment lasted. I felt strong and empowered. I felt I could do anything with my body. And even though my movements were definitely different from the instructor’s, and her black shoes moved much more orderly, than my sneakers, I felt at the top of the world.

Nothing could throw me off. I felt surged and waves raising through my body and exploding through my head out my breath and my eyes, my hands and my feet.

I was sweating, breathing hard, feeling the pressure I was putting on my knees, but I was profoundly satisfied inside myself.

After the class I took a shower, changed, walked home, and ate a big bowl of cool watermelon for dinner. Then I sat down to write about this experience, because I believe it is important for me to tell you that it is easy to feel and to stay with this feeling of deep satisfaction, and feel gratitude for the opportunity to have it any moment of my life.

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