Dancing Zumba

This morning I woke up earlier that usual and said to myself: Ahh, I am glad to have woken up earlier, it will be a longer day of being who I am. Who am I, you ask? Radiating satisfaction with my life, a human being, graced with life.

The profound state of well-being permeating me, which I generate for myself every morning, and as need it, and subsequent feeling of satisfaction, moved me to start this day with a dance. My schedule allows me to vary activities of the day as  per my intention of this day. Today I did not have appointments until 11am. I could start with a dance. Sipping my coffee, deliciously aromatic and fresh, I looked at the schedule of dance classes in the gym that I joined a few weeks ago. I quickly decided to join a group in a morning dancing routine called Zumba Dance.

Dancing happens to be one of my passions. Before any kind of “workout” existed, interestingly, moving creatively in synchrony with music has historically been the exercise allowing people of various nations to stay in shape.

Besides I was a “dancer.” I grew up in an environment where kids attend after school activities since kindergarten, and the more of those activities are scheduled, the better. Or so my mother thought. So besides free-hand drawing, coloring, music, singing and gymnastics, I attended a ballet based choreography dancing, which I loved.

Today Zumba seems to have become the dance of choice in many sports clubs. A vigorous mix of Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Reggae, Belly Dance with a poppuri of international music styles, invented in the end of 1990s by a Colombian Dancer Alberto “Beto” Perez based on his Brazilian dance training and beats, brings in the fun into a full body cardio workout. A personality of the instructor changes the taste of the Zumba routine for each group. My purpose was initially to follow my former trainer’s suggestion to get a cardio workout at least once a week. Today seemed like a good day to start so here I was.

I positioned myself in the front line of the group so I could see the instructor clearly and replicate the moves she created. As the music started, I felt the beat in my body and my body started to move, splurging outwardly with each wave of the beat. Trying to catch the moves I let my body do the work naturally.

In the excitement of the first 10 minutes of this extensive movement, I felt my body coming to life, my chakras opening up and letting the energy of Kundalini rise right up!!!!!!!!!!

This resulted in my opening my mouth in a glee smile and adding jump to my moves.

Here I decided to let it all out, live it up, enjoy it in full, keeping up with the Zumba beat, pushing away the thought whether I am able to keep up with this kind of pace for the whole hour.

I felt waves of energy coming up from my root through and out my ears and I felt the muscles of my face tightening in a wider smile. There I was – breathed, smiled and danced at the height of my experience.

I watched the instructor. The plump, smiling quick-silver she was in constant movement, seemingly omnipresent in every part of the front of the room at the same time, so fast she was. She looked like she was in her own dream. Driven to move, seemingly unable to stay in place for longer than a split second, living it all up, breathing the dance she was creating. Mesmerized by her dance I tried to keep up the pace.

I looked at others and noticed that besides the instructor, I was the only one smiling. Some people were even frowning, particularly when others around them did not do so good with the moves. It seemed that they were in their own dream, other than mine, or the instructor’s. Some hard working, tight wound dream would not allow them to enjoy and smile. I wanted to wake them up. I wanted to share my satisfaction, excitement and radiance with others.  Just let it happen, and it will happen. And of course, I realize it is up to you to want to wake up form a dream.

Post your comments below. To discuss this or other topics, leading up to multiplying your success and generalizing it into other and more areas in your life, contact Morrin.

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