Day 14 – Best Thing Today – Article

I am reading an article about a woman who reached success, an entrepreneur, named Rachelle Hruska. A girl from Nebraska showed up in New York and put her foot down to make a significant imprint in the party scene in the Big Apple, founding her multi-million dollar online party site, and subsequently meeting and marrying a billionaire, and now building a family in the heart of the city. What an inspiring story of a woman who was driven. In an interview for SCENE magazine at first, she said, she didn’t know what to do with herself. But she loved the party scene. So she attended all the parties she could get her hands on, and then made reports online for those who wanted to know. Soon her website attendance reached millions. Hruska is beautiful and young and full of energy, and she is following her fascination.

Isn’t that what Joseph Campbell was talking about.

Follow your bliss and the doors will open where there were only wall before.

I was inspired, reading this article, because, let’s admit it, I pull for young energized beautiful women who want to build their own business. I was one of them and didn’t know much about business, and wanted guidance, just like Hruska. I wanted for someone to guide me when I began in my business. Ten years later, I am a guide for those who like her, like me, want to succeed further.

I enjoy reading reports like this article. Honest successes of others are inspirational and motivate to action. I feel that response in my body, a motivation to action. It is warmth rising from pelvic area through my chest to my throat, and outward. That circulating energy builds up in a up-down manner, relaxing yet energizing, buzzing through my body, and finally I can no longer sit still and I am moved to action. What a great energizing feeling to be inspired to action! Running this sensation over and over.

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"At the conference two things stood out for me. The first was your passion and knowledge about gamma, the second was the way that I felt during and after your presentation. It was a great experience for me: my body became very energized, like a power surge. I also experienced clarity about current situation in my life. I can just imagine what results I can have in private sessions with you! So I am drawn to learning more." Brad, 55, Psychiatrist, Vermont

"First of all, I was surprised at your organization, the size and breadth of the scope of work you did with me in the sessions. All my questions were answered. I was amazed how we went through the questions as sort of a blueprint of my life, and did all of it in one sitting. Very good, accomplished feeling! The most valuable revelation is that I am in charge of my life and it is doable, and can be effortless!" Jason, 57, Technical Director, Vancouver

"For a few weeks after our private work, I had not seen the connection between our work and the results in my life. I started to write every day, with interest and my novel is moving along. Recently, upon re-reading the transcripts from our sessions and evaluating my daily work, I realized, that what is now happening in my life is a direct result of our work together, my own revelations, and the personal intention I created for myself! Morrin thank you for making my life effortless! I didn't realize that I had acquired such a commitment to my writing and the actions I needed to be taking is so I can complete the book by my deadline." Teresa, 47, Author, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for your work with me. I feel so connected with inner quiet stillness and serendipity, a sensation of excitement and effortlessness. I feel very powerful in my own life experience, and exactly the way I want to be." Shirri, 38, Consultant, Israel

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