Day 14 – Best Thing Today – End of The World? What’s Next?

So Mayans ran out of space on the wheel of their calendar. I saw a cartoon today, depicting the wheel calendar rock and the conversation between the two Mayans. One says to the other: “So you ran out of space on this one… Heehehe, someday this will freak somebody out!”

Now, consider this:

The world is a mess, and lately it has been more of a mess as we know it. Tomorrow the Mayan calendar ends. The veil of the unknown is raising. We are able to be privy to seeing what is becoming in the world. If we are the way we want to be, and from the position of exciting anticipation, open to new discovery, we’ll be able to see the world of love. If from an inhibitory position the world seems different, gloomier, much more distopian.

My fascination is to be in the excitatory and make the positive bias my reality. I want to see the best in the world.

I see beauty, and even if for a fleeting moment, I like to get my eyes on a joyful experience, and smile. Today, I cried. Yes, I cried, smiling through the tears in my ballet class, which I am taking to sustain my connection with dance.

You see, I love to dance! Sometimes I am busy and can’t attend this class. But I am a fast learner. The few ballet movements I have picked up in this class in the last few weeks, I got to appreciate today joining them with music. As soon as I heard the beginning of the charming chords of the Flowers Waltz from the Nutcracker I felt the excitement tingling me up my spine. As the music rolled further, and the group moved in unison, I moved in rhythm, and humming to myself, swaying like a flower in the windy field. Isn’t that what Tchaikovsky envisioned, composing this beautiful music?

The aesthetic pleasure I felt arose from this movement and tears began to swell up into my eyes as I swirled and turned, and jumped and swayed, I experienced a strange sensation of laughing and my upper lip trembling with emotion. And further, the tingling reached up high into my brain where I know it “talked” to my motor cortex, and that went on for a while, as the music ebbed and flowed,  swaying my body with its power, as suddenly my whole body came to rest with the final chords of the music. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed the glowing smile I call happy, as I was grateful for the body to do it with, in this moment of spiritual awakening. Sweat mixed with tears, this was the happiest most exciting aesthetic moment I can remember since painting in recent months.

As I am writing this, I am running this excitement in my body and sensations of excitement override the stress from the day, and the new experience of swaying with music runs over me, and I run it over and over, with the tingling in my scalp, and fingertips, and my spine. I know I will always have this experience available to me.

Now, speaking of inspiration and excitement, beauty and fascination, how do you stay in the position of excited anticipation, as the world changes? What excites you? What’s the best experience for you today that you remember now?

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