Day 8 – Best Thing Today – Client Work

We are continuing with the exercise reflecting on the best thing that happened this day, and re-experience the sensations of that experience. Do this exercise daily and in the end of the 30 days you experience deeper and fuller sensory awareness of your life, that many people call being alive.

Today is Day 8. 

I had a pretty full day yesterday, and I missed the posting, so I fill in this morning on the exercise you and I are doing together, “reflecting on what the best thing was for me today.”

It was near the end of the class when one I pointed to one of the students that in his position of balance he keeps a straight posture, and whenever he slumps back into his chair, off to one side holding his head with his fist, that’s when he begins to generate inhibitory questions. He agreed that when he is sitting straight in his chair those questions do not come up. Another student, sitting deep into her chair, asked, then how do you relax after your hard day at work. I said, sitting up straight, that I don’t feel like I work, so I don’t have to RELAX AFTER WORK. I don’t stress, and I don’t have to slump to relax. If fact, slouch in a chair is LESS COMFORTABLE FOR ME THAN SITTING UP STRAIGHT.

Of course, I point out, that sitting up straight requires basic core strength, which many people lack because they don’t exercises. I understand. It took me two years to build up the strength in my core, going to the gym regularly with intention, so I can keep up with sitting upright, and not depend on chair support, and stop suffering from back pain. My former back pain completely stopped! I feel so much better then ten years ago, when I was in my 30s, even thought I spend more time in static sitting.

Then again upright posture allows the clarity of mind, focused intention and discards the attitude of creating obstacles, instead the inner motivation arises, and the general inspiration arises, when nothing is impossible, in internal drive that moves us toward and forward to fulfillment of our intention free of inhibition.

Of course, such position is merely threatening to our daily societal training of being inhibited by expectations and feedback from the outside world. You can’t possibly be so free, we hear in our heads. If you are so free, you can decide for yourself, and that…OMG! If we begin to make our own and better decisions….. what’s that going to lead to? The life that we say we want? Dreams come true? Then what? Drama of struggle in life goes away? Then what? We attain happiness, satisfaction, success, love, and all those things we say we want. Ahhh… sounds too good to be true…too much work…too busy to do this now…give up bad habits…emotional behaviors….immaturity…indulgence…. We take a breath…. And we slump back into our seat, reasoning with ourselves that it’s too difficult to keep up with the position of such freedom…

But who is to decide what you can or cannot do?

Isn’t the whole premise of life itself to live fully and experience every experience fully? 

Then why are so many people afraid of their own freedom to experience themselves? Because they are too habituated in the wrong doings of their bad habits., interrupting ourselves in being ourselves. Stop the longing, stop the interruption, and allow the next chapter to begin.

I looked at the first student, as he continued to sit straight in his chair, smiling. I asked him if he has questions about his life, future, and whatever else. He exclaimed, smiling, NOPE! He added: In fact, I will be sitting like this now. The other male student in the room mimicked his neighbor’s upright posture, saying, I feel compelled to do this for myself as well! I said, Go ahead! I am not going to stop you.

The woman continued to slump in her chair. I got up toward her and as I approached she adjusted herself to sit up. I moved right back to my seat without doing anything. She remained straight in her seat.  I asked: Now, what was your question?

She looked at me as if not clear what I was asking, then she remembered, ah, that, no, it’s gone now! She looked at herself sitting straight. Her feet on the floor, her hands on her laps. Her head symmetrically balanced. Breathing freely. She said: How simple!

I took a breath and felt myself exhale. The inner smile, the calmness the balance inside me, the warmth, the tingle, the pleasure, the satisfaction all at once creating the flow, the wave, on which I am riding.

I am most  deeply inspired and satisfied at the same time, when I am like this. Like this, no obstacles, limitations, or constraints exist. I am free, uninhibited, and inspired with life in its fullness, and fully content. I continue to run and enjoy this sensation deeply intensifying its impact on my physique, my brain, and my being. For the next 10 minutes.

This is the exercise for today. Let me know your experience in relation to this rant.

Happy Hanukkah!

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