Decision-Making Hypnosis

Many people continue to make decisions by drawing a vertical line on a page titled

Pros and Cons.

Personally, I never thought it was a good way to choose a decision. There is always more “cons” and, for that matter, more “pros” to be found. It is a matter of belief and a lot of the times, a matter of desire.

Imagine choosing a wife/husband this way. She/he might not fit into the perfect “pro” profile, yet we are uncontrollably drawn to marry them. The job description we are considering may fit all “pros” that we can imagine, yet, going for it “turns out gut.” Coming to a point in your life when you want to kn ow what to do next, pros and cons can’t help finding satisfaction with your own decision.

What is the right decision to make?

Recently I came by a research of hypnogogic states only to reignite my passion about the usefulness of hypnosis for decision making. This article shocked me with amount of research references showing what happens in our brain in hypnosis in favor of using hypnogogic states for important decision making. Research demonstrates that being in hypnogogic states positively affects our brain’s capacity to make better decisions. In her article,

Hypnosis and the Brain: Findings in Neurological Research  by: Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D.

Dr. Pearson discusses that people who experienced hypnosis showed activation in a very significant area on the brain responsible for our decision-making: Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) (located just behind our frontal lobes and responsible for executive functions in our brain). Her findings are fascinating.

She refers to the research showing that during hypnosis thousands of neuronal connections are initiated, and they create constantly updating emerging states. It is to that emergence we refer as “flow.” The emergent states are virtually limitless, creating constantly, recreating potential for new potential in our dynamic system.

Without going too much into the scientific detail, it would do well for the update on the general understanding of hypnosis states by the public and the majority of specialists in hypnotherapy, that hypnosis is not just a state of relaxation when the brain waves slow down.

In the past two decades extensive research has been dedicated to discovery about hypnosis and associative states showing various activity in areas of the brain responsible for visualization, verbal description and executive decision on the action associated with a chosen decision. Findings from these research discoveries proved to be instrumental in creating theories involving hypnosis in decision-making process.

There is a major area in the brain that specializes in decision making amongst other executive functions, in the frontal part of our brain. Anterior cingulate cortex, or ACC, specializing in response to error, and evaluation of emotional outcomes, is noted to be activated in hypnosis: future planning, predicting, foreseeing, at the same time as calming, mental relaxation and reducing analytical referencing, interrupting the “flow.”

What this means, dear readers, is that

in hypnosis we make better higher quality decisions.

Pearson refers to a research by Gruzelier (2004) and some others, describing comparative performance on a test with two groups of people, where one group was performing a test in hypnosis and the other in a waking state. The group in hypnosis performed better than the control group. The results show an important evaluation, as in a hypnotic state, the connectivity between areas in the pre-frontal areas of the brain, allows for the analytical and judgmental functions, inhibitions, or internal conflict to give way to un-judged creativity, unprecedented approach, flexibility of a higher order on the matters in question.

“The researchers interpreted this observation to mean that the subject had a “heightened state of attention” while in hypnotic trance,” said Pearson.

In addition, numerous studies have demonstrated that highly hypnotizable subjects (easily hypnotizable) have a more effective frontal attentional control system than subjects with low hypnotizability. The ease with which a person goes into a hypnotic states is their own level of hypnotizability, suggesting that structural changes begin to take place in and with hypnotic trance frequency, so the more a person is in a hypnotic state, the quicker they go into hypnosis, and the deeper, more effective, and more measurable their experience is every time the are hypnotized.

With this, additional research had been performed to show that highly hypnotizable subjects have easier time diverting their attention away from pain and toward more creative and interesting tasks, which means that in hypnosis we becomes uninhibited and free to move toward our success without considering limitations.

When I work with those who want more success in other areas in their life, the consideration of past limitations is precisely the issue that is holding most of them back. Re-imagining the future with success and without the limitations creates an opening, and opportunity to establish a working model, a system of emergent state of success, rather than a step by step, based on past performance accretion of achievement.

In conclusion, even though the neurological research often does not provide clear-cut answers, supporting the changing measurements in the brain structure dorsally and laterally even during hypnotic states, we are close to showing that hypnosis induced states of contemplation provide a formula of perfect decision-making. It is worth noting that psycho-social demands call for more research of those intriguing states called hypnosis.

I am embarking on the new journey in research utilizing biofeedback measurement, to highlight the decision making using hypnosis state for major decisions. Hypnosis is an easier model than drawing cons and pros sheet that allows you to quickly and confidently re-emerge from trance armed with the best decision.

I am for hypnosis! Are you?


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  1. T
    8 years ago


    This is a very useful article on the science that supports hypnosis and decision-making. I’m curious to hear some of the how of what you experience to be exqusitelly successful hypnosis and the how of enabling great decision making. I’m also very curious about what you’re going to be looking for and how are you setting up the biofeedback and hypnosis/decision-making.

    I’m also wondering about your model of the “system of emergent state of success”.



  2. Morrin
    8 years ago

    Hi Tivo, Thanks for writing. Of course, I will be writing more about my research and the methodology. As we speak, new conversations and new ideas develop in that regard. For example, The neurofeedback available today may not be that precise as to how we can measure the brainwave in hypnosis and during the decision making process, only because of the fact that the technology cannot look onto all parts of the brain equally at the same time as the process happens. The process of making a decision is very complex. Various parts of the brain are involved in contemplative practice throughout the process, continuously, whether we are aware of that or not. All previous history of personal decision making, cultural background and conditions are in play. However, the postulated thesis, that it is incredibly easier for us to make decisions in a hypnotic state, particularly in the higher consciousness hypnosis, when we connect with the inner wisdom and all major limitations are gone out of the way, this postulated thesis remains a target for this research.
    Further, considering that the dominant brainwave during any process is just that, a dominant brainwave, in our case, gamme brainwave, which includes all other brainwaves, in all areas of the brain, for example alpha dominant in the frontal cortex, alpha dominant in the occipital, and theta dominant in the temporal, might show some other, unpredictable results in measuring the brainwave of the subject. In the research process we are aiming to spot a virtuoso subject and perform a series of verbal hypnotic protocols, and a verbal responses from the subject, reflecting access of the higher consciousness hypnosis state, and to be able to measure the predominant brainwave in that state. At the moment, I am still looking for a qualified researcher, and a subject, to help me perform this task, yet I am fully convinced, on the basis of my personal observation over 10 years of work with clients, that such brainwave exists. The state of higher decision making, when the system emerges into the higher state of success, able to decide and commit to the decision, in terms of immediate taking of the first action toward its fulfillment, is am exciting thought and a potential breakthrough in the way we make our decisions, which will ultimately create a better sequence for all those who make any kinds of decision – which includes all of us!

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