Focus and Bigger Picture

It’s good to look at the bigger picture while focussing your attention on the task at hand. That’s a key to success IMO.

This morning I visited a friend who is bed-ridden after an unexpected major operation.  She, flat on her back, and I, sitting at her side, discussed productive ways of her healing, focusing her attention on her body functioning well.

The recent shift of my friend’s focus to her health, rather than pursuing other (career) opportunities, mental flexibility of staying on course, with a bigger picture of life schema in mind, brought up the importance of making a distinction in

awareness of what we focus on in the moment

as well as the view of a bigger picture of life.

I am quite attracted to this idea of a bigger picture. In every situation I try to keep in mind a larger scale view of my role in my environment, instead of getting caught up in the minutia.

Maybe because this skill of seeing a bigger picture was always elusive to me, and took me years to master it, I taught myself to pause before I speak and take a breath before I decide. I visualize the sequence of events, predict the future in my mind, before I take the chance, and only then act upon it with full responsibility. Still doing a lot of things at a spur of the moment, spontaneously, artistically, I have learned to incorporate the calm and controlled way of living.

I also find that this is an important skill for everyone, being able to step back and see a larger view, and it is often missing for some people I come in contact with. I personally feel the interest and passion and often a necessity to share what I know with those who are interested to learn how to sustain a life filled with meaning, be calm and how to love the life even when s..t happens.

December is quickly upon us and looking into the dream-land of holidays, I inevitably admire, now from aside, the endless shopping that is being done for the sake of tradition, I am no longer a part of it. The “occupy” movement against corporations on one hand and the raising profits of the same corporations in holiday sales on the other, both in the same city. Does it make sense? What’s the bigger picture?

As 2012 is quickly approaching, I wonder if this will be a year of reckless destruction, profits or mind wars. Who will be that fittest that will survive? It does not matter how much money one makes, or if they are out of work for months. Everyone will need the skills of living in the world, adaptive flexibility of mind, natural health in the body, quick wit of sorting the signals in systems of delivered information. Appropriate ways of responding will soon become a priority, even necessity, for each successful person.

In 2012, Mark and I plan some incredible workshops teaching couples communications, in January, certification in hypnosis, in February, and body awareness, in March. We plan to travel to Israel, for the second time, with 2 weeks worth of spiritual work for an eager group of 20 people. Then we plan to spend 2-weeks in Italy.

Contact us here to find your fascination and enroll in the new professional certification, and personal mentoring for skills for life.


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