Gamma Brain State

Gamma is the third letter in the Greek alphabet.  It is also a pattern of neuronal oscillation in humans, that is measured to be between 20 and 120Hz, although 40Hz is most common. (from Wikipedia).

In a set of brain wave research patterns isolated for the purposes of brain research and what happens during each brain wave stimulation, Gamma above the most active brain wave, Beta.

BrainWaveGraph1Every thought we think is a bio chemical and electro magnetic event that causes neurons to fire. The speed at which these neurons fire creates a frequency that can be seen on an EEG machine as waves. Our brains constantly produce five brain wave frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha,Theta and Delta.

Since the beginning of time our human brain responds to sound with a particular frequency. Learning to respond to sounds in a particular way is called entrainment. When we listen to rhythmic sounds, the electro-magnetic waves of those sounds cause our brain enter into synchronized rhythm with those patterns fo waves, and become entrained.

Entrainment is widely used in brain wave therapy, sound therapy and hypnosis. Patterns of language, particular verbal expressions, descriptions of symbols and relaxation protocols can help elicit particular brain waves. Suggestions embedded into a conversation, rhythm of movement and speech will entrain your brain waves into states of consciousness for healing, relaxation, learning, peak performance and spiritual development.

Experience in Gamma is not unlike the experience described in the movie Limitless, with Bradley Cooper. If you had seen the movie, you know, that the main character, Eddie Mora, a New York not so successful writer, trough a series of circumstances comes upon a pill, that opens up the capacity of his brain from what we have regularly, to 100%. Suddenly, he is aware of all things in the environment, her has access to 100% of his memory, historical references, research, the knowledge that he came upon at any point in his life as a writer becomes available to him. Suddenly, he transitions from an unsuccessful slob, trying to make a living writing stories, to a high performer, aware of his power and his impact on others and circumstances around him. As a result, money problems disappear and his new brilliant personality shines in a circle of high power players leading him to new higher successes.

The events that transpire in the story, during his adventure with the 100% of his brain lead him to personal self-discoveries and awareness. And of course, this being a Hollywood metaphor, nonetheless, dramatically and creatively showing us, once again, the old mythology of new story about personal power, when self-imposed limitations are removed, when one becomes a hero in their own journey.

In the work that I do with my clients, in Gamma, the ability to access the brain power without the pill increases to the opening up the previously unavailable potential.

Gamma is a brain wave, in which a stimulation triggers a response of a state of unity of consciousness, when a stimulated brain responds with a particular oscillation of neuronal patterns, producing high amounts of oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as not only the good mood natural hormone, and also the way to create a state of excitement, love, acceptance and peace. The connection to knowledge, wisdom, realizations, when things begin to click, and “aha”moments pile up in one continuos stream of sudden awareness, sometimes remind me of  this term “limitless”, used in the namesake movie.

Another thing that happens in Gamma is spontaneous creation of hallucinations, visual, sensory and auditory, generating internal awareness of various pleasant circumstances, described as unity of consciousness, sometimes referred to as Higher Self, out of body experiences, or near death experiences, awareness of higher guidance, spiritual awareness, and deep divine connection with God.

In Gamma state the person begins to experience a strong “feeling good” sensation and positive hallucinations through all their primary senses.

In simultaneity there is an experience of body awareness in a more attentive, more aware, more present to every sensation way.

Then there is an awareness of immediate internal wisdom, knowledge without conscious awareness of knowledge. It feels like you know without asking or studying the subject.

So ultimately Gamma is just a scientific name for a brain wave state of higher consciousness awareness, which can be translated to connection within, divine guidance, or “aha” awareness.

I work exclusively with the Gamma state since 2005, when I experienced it for the first time, and when I felt like my eyes opened up after a long sleep.  That is how revelational was my experience with gamma.

After I grew familiar with working in hypnotism, as a professional hypnotist, for over a decade, I was inspired by combining in my work studies of Ericksonian metaphor hypnosis, NLP, Jungian archetypes theories, Reiki energy healing.  Separately I was deeply fascinated by the works of transpersonal masters like Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, along with creative visualization techniques that were popular since the early 80s, and decided to make the work with Gamma state my specialty.

Hypnotically induced gamma state is a positive trance-formational state with the main feature of its experience being in the light. In addition you experience:

  • A sensation of lasting Unconditional Love
  • Feeling of being loved
  • Feeling of loving everyone around
  • Feeling of being “high”
  • Positive hallucinations, visions of angelic beings, ancestors, totem animal guides, elders, counsel, or some other higher consciousness representations, depending on cultural background of the client, or influences from literature, or upbringing
  • Auditory hallucinations, songs, wisdom revelations, inner wisdom messages, conversations with angels, words of wisdom
  • In gamma state there is an awareness of complete universal knowledge and
  • Total absence of neediness of something, anything at all
  • Questions that bothered you in the waking state are no longer relevant and something seem absurd
  • There is an urge to do what it takes to live the life to the fullest and the full awareness of how to be so this becomes possible
  • There comes an urge to fulfill yourself in the direction of your dreams and leave a legacy behind when you are gone from physical plane
  • There is a total absence of FEAR of any kind, even the fear of death, as there is a realization that life is only worth is lived in the light, with the light and through shining the light
  • There is a purpose to life in the physical plane with laughter, love and creating love and laughter
  • There is compassion
  • Knowledge of the meaning of life
  • Intentionality, life direction, strategic decisions
  • Urge to fulfill the purpose, to make up for years of inactivity, procrastination and wandering
  • Strong pull to action on your intention
and much more….

In my work with clients over the years I saw how transformationally gamma state impacts people. In many cases the healing occurs momentarily, the decisions are made from the best personal awareness place with higher intention in mind and easily and effortlessly.

I prefer to utilize Gamma state immediately and impactfully when I begin work with my clients, because I believe in quality experience significantly elevating when gamma is utilized. Gamma is an informative wisdom state when worked interactively, strategies are laid out and directions are created and easily visualized. Of course, I coach clients in preparation to having this experience of their life. I teach them what questions work best for their intention, and how to formulate your questions so the answers are precise and to the point.

Experience you own Gamma State hypnosis. Become curious how you too can have the experience of knowing and levitating at the same time – the experience of your life.

If you already experienced gamma state and healing leave a comment below for others to know how great you feel, what you were able to achieve with it.

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