Healing Vs. Balance – A Gamma Perspective

This is an excerpt from my book Staying In The Light, 2012 

Healing Vs. Balance chapter is devoted to a discussion around the concept of a bias.


Joanne, 45, wanted to find relief from her neck and shoulder tightness. It was important to her, because she is a professional artist. As a painter she needs her body to be in perfect physical condition to create large commercial murals in her Long Island studio.

During her gamma wisdom experience, Joanne was guided to a “Balance Room” and her guides asked her to rid herself of a persistent feeling of guilt, and a feeling that she is “missing out.” Her issue was that she felt missing out on life.

As an artist Joanne was doing what she wanted. Ten years ago she worked in banking and was very successful as a private banker. She also managed to save up to quit her job and start a painting business. She created murals for private schools in Long Island and in Manhattan, for private collections and reached new heights in her artistic expression in the last few years, and was working on placing her paintings in a museum.

All the while she is carrying a tremendous feeling of guilt that there was something she is missing out on in another life, in banking that she left. That her life could have  been different, in some ways more, or better. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Her guides instructed her, that if she does let go of her guilt as she had been instructed, as of today, she would not suffer anymore. They also instructed her that her “healing” will depend on the her perspective and intention, on her direction in the future.

Healing of a physical body was interesting to me for many years, since I started New York Awareness Center, because I created healing for myself. I became sick with a thyroid issue and made it go away, using the techniques I presently use. I began to identify how the healing occurs.

The position from which one approaches healing makes a huge difference. 

People often ask to help them heal their issues, their karma. In many people’s eyes healing is about making issues go away, get rid of pain, and look into the past patterns so not to repeat them. In other words, healing is about ridding of problems.

This position is limiting.

How will you know that the issue is gone? How will you know that you will never repeat the behavior that brought on the original issue?

I found that work from a positive bias is faster, easier and more in alignment.  When situations are viewed from a position of seeking opportunities rather than finding limitations I call it a positive bias. When in balance, in alignment, it is natural to be looking out for opportunity, rather than for limitation.

In alignment within ourselves, in balance, with the intention and your desired future in mind, there are no issues. 

If there are limitations found, from a position of balance they are viewed as simple stepping stones on the way to results, something to work on, and are overcome with intention.

Sometimes we find ourselves in seemingly unpredictable situations. Many report  their surprise with being dissatisfied how their health, or relationships, or career is going. I explain that there is no issue, just a current situation. It is not unpredictable. It was predicted years ago when they had made a first decision leading up to it today.

Many want to know they past lives, experiences when they had similar issues and the cause of the problem. If approached from a position of pain, karma, and self-pity, the answer only inhibits the limitation. How we got here is less important. Knowing the cause for the “issue” does not mean that we have skills to create solutions for the situations in which we find ourselves. Looking at situations from a positive perspective, with intention for the future in mind, opens a series of ways  to find solutions. There are no issues, only current situations to be resolved going forward. There is no past, no pain to move away from, only future and ways of going forward toward it.

When a person is in balance, there is only the present, no past and no future. Take a moment and just experience the present. The breathing, your muscular tension, and subsequent relaxation, sounds of life around you, pulsing of your own bloodstream in your fingertips.

Create a position of balance.

When the present is experienced from the position of  being in balance, in alignment with yourself, your idea of the desired life arises from a different perspective. Your future seems clearer and the intention for the life you want become more defined, a possibility of the desired future with clarity arises. Having established an intention and direction supports only one way of movement – toward it.

Once a person enters into a place of wisdom, with balance, there are no issues, pain, karma, or past. It is all gone. The place of wisdom is the place of learning and knowing. There is no need for healing. There is just a letting go, a realization of having this now, and then moving onto the next moment.

Now this, what next?

All fear is released, all doubt is gone, all darkness is dissolved. There is only light, balance and certainty about who you are, where you are going and what is the best way to get there. This certainty dissolves the unknown and it becomes a known reality, predictable and malleable.

There is still stress from the job, need to support the status, kids, etc., yet, the point is that being in balance, there is nothing to heal.

One can argue that being in balance is an attitude. There is a particular direction of one’s attention placed on those actions that need to happen, in order to support the balance. Each person can generate balance on their own: Realign their body, redistribute their weight, if sitting or standing, to create symmetry, balance, esthetic movement.

Arising is only positive exciting expectation of the life ahead, and in that there are some decisions to be made about how to get there, and that’s all there is. Decisions about the future from a position of balance become very easy.

There are only things to expect and be moving toward to. Progressively, I developed clarity around healing as a moving away from issues strategy. Essentially, healing is a negative bias strategy. Healing presumes there is an issue and that there is a need to get rid of the issue.

This is another, more effective strategy – from a positive bias, allowing acces to wisdom through balance.  This strategy allows creating a future from the point of now, not the past. In balance, it is easier and clearer to begin developing steps allowing moving toward the future we want as a strategy.

When I learned this model, access wisdom from balance, my work became even more exciting for me and, of course, for my clients. Now, we spend less time on researching what went wrong in the past, issues of emotional, tragic and dramatic responses, unsatisfying past lives, limitation in spiritual development, and pains of bad decision making strategies. We access past experiences, and past lives only from a positive bias, when we can learn the lessons, and find out useful success strategies used by their soul in their in-between lives journey. We spend more time in connecting to wisdom of creating the life they want, perfecting the access to the sense of freedom, strategies of better decision making, satisfaction and contentment, defining direction, intention and the legacy they want to leave behind, and ways to fulfill themselves.

I knew exactly what Joanne needed. She needed to learn to be in balance, in the light. From experience, I knew exactly what her guidance will be doing next. We had to get to work on her finding balance. As soon as she reached the light, she experienced a relief.

J: Being in the light is such a relief. Layers are being peeled off of my essence. I am becoming pure, clean and clear. In itself it feels so good. It is relaxing and it is refreshing. I thought I wanted healing. I am already healed. It happens so quickly. There is nothing to heal. I am already forgiven, and I already let go. There are many people to forgive. Now it is my turn to forgive. Let go of guilt. Somehow, as soon as I ask, I have it granted. I feel, I am free from karma. I have let go of karma. Funny, as soon as I say it, it is gone, I let go. I feel I know the lessons I had to learn through the karma I had. As a spirit, as a soul, I feel the ease with which I would be released. As a human being I feel that I get lost. I have to remind myself, to be generous and grateful, see the world from the other side. Let go of tension. Let go of the past. Be at peace. I experience love and quiet, and a sensation of peaceful excitement, and hope and curiosity.

M: What is a good reminder for you so you can remember to stay in peace, be in balance. Ask your guides to give you a key to it.

J: I will be reminded with a sound in my body.  It is a vibration. It is a pleasant tone.

Suddenly she spoke in a changed voice, she spoke in a second person, directly addressing herself as her guide.

J: We live in a matrix. You are here, doing the living, and being here, in the wisdom place, at home, you choose the living. Combine it now with the life your choosing and make choices here now. The matrix is simple; it is like a hologram. The choice is to allow your mind to follow the structure of peace, love and balance, purity and present, and only that. You can re-enter the matrix, and make another decision. Living in the present, not in the past, not in the future. It is all one – only present. There is no past or future, it is only present, all the time.

She changed her voice to her own again.

J: They show me a super-view position. Everything moved away and I am elevated above and I see the grid. I can see the matrix!

Then she was back to the guidance channel again.

J: Look and see. Love is purity. Matrix is only making sense when you take a super-view position. You can see how pieces fit, what numbers mean and how the life makes sense.

She was back her own self again.

J: Wow! It all makes sense now. I don’t even have to know, because I know that I already know. And that’s enough. I can move on to do what I have to do next.

Before her session Joanne had had questions about her relationship with a significant other.  She vassilated for months on the brink of leaving the relationship, which was tenuous and she felt it had reached a moment where something had to give. I knew this was the right moment to ask her the next question.

M: Ask the guide to give you advice about your partner?

J: You can’t live on the edge. It is being out of balance. Either stay or leave. Do what you want and let go. Commit to one thing. Focus. Can’t have both. Love and pain can’t be together. Leave one.

M: Which one do you choose?

J: I choose love, compassion and peace.

M: Sounds like you have to commit to it.

J: I commit. I know this is the right thing to do.

M: What is the attitude with which you approach your partner now? See yourself do it.

J: Full commitment, and love, and now I can feel so much love, as if the gate opened up, I am totally and completely focused on this love.

A month later I received a letter form Joanne thanking me for the work we have done. She enjoys being in a place of balance as her life moves on.

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    Very useful piece on the difference between healing and balance. This piece is so useful I’n pointing out the critical importance of where the starting point or position is. This is so relevant for all sorts of coaching, trauma work and resilience and strength based practices. I’ll pass this one to others.



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