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You may find it easy to divert decision-making to influences of personality types, as mentioned in the recent article on neuroscience of decision-making in Science Daily, Understanding Personality for Decision-Making, Longevity, and Mental Health. “Understanding how people differ from each other and how that affects various outcomes is something that we all do on an intuitive basis, but personality psychology attempts to bring scientific rigor to this process,” says Colin DeYoung of the University of Minnesota, who worked on the new study. “Personality affects academic and job performance, social and political attitudes, the quality and stability of social relationships, physical health and mortality, and risk for mental disorder.”

Imagine that there is a reverse influence on your decision making process. Imagine we can decide what we want and then weave a story about placing that, what we want, in our life, and then live the life with that in place, adapting our behavior and thinking to already having what we want. Then our personality would have the reverse influence, and in other words, we would influence the personality of ourselves to be what we want to be.

Linking brain function to personality is another step in understanding how the brain makes us who we are.” says DeYoung. So isn’t it not only desirable but advisable to begin to create neural pathways to influence the brain functioning, so that the “personality” may be reflecting more of what we want as who we are?

Recently visiting with my family, I noticed my father’s ways of behavior in a new light of my research on personality and the brain work. My father has an amazing way of imgining what he wants to believe and then act as if this is true. Consequently, we act a particular way to support this “truth” in our life and even reinforce it. Many times, we believe that what we tell ourselves is the truth, what we think is going on is actually going on.

While what is going on with us, causing us to behave in a particular way, is a consequence of some physiology, combined with personal mythology both of which are changeable and maleable. Most of us, however, have no idea, that we can influence our own behavior, responses and therefore, personal change in the direction that we want.

Following this argument we find a statement by Joseph Campbell that the recognition of one’s own system of responses is extremely important, in a short but impressive book by Stanley Keleman, entitled Myth and The Body, The Colloquy with Joseph Campbell, (p.36-37) Campbell presents that we all are living in a special  mythological correlation we created for ourselves, usually unconsciously, following the mythology from our parents, peers, and teachers. We imagine ourselves  in our own story, and act as an archetype (as Plato called it.) We are a living biological embodiment of an archetypal mythological character we had created for ourselves. In a modern society like our western world, such characters become increasingly more complicated, and therefore, the decisions we make every day become increasingly more challenging.

In my informed opinion, simplifying the creative process of personal image, our individual mythology, the story we are telling ourselves about ourselves, is the most challenging aspect in determining our life’s purpose and direction. Once this process is clarified, decisions become easy and life becomes easy like after a deep exhale. Many people turn to mental health professionals to help them determine the truth in their life, the direction, or even worse, connect with the pain of the past, for healing and understanding. However, connecting with the pain does nothing except reinstating the negative patterns.

The issue here isn’t mental at all, it is an issue of clarity in mythology of personality.

So the point argued by DeYoung, that the decisions are influenced by the personality, introverted or extraverted, is presented backwards. Instead of qualifying the personality that is in place, the mythology that is already influencing the person, one needs to create the mythology of the desired life, and take their decisions from there. The decisions are influenced by the mythology working of a particular part of the brain, called medial orbital cortex. A reset biologically determined process can lead to the life one wants if the mythology of their direction is set to the desired outcome instead of what just happens to be in place.

The persistent patterns of behavior come not from the the personality, but vice versa, the personality comes from the patterns installed in us by the caregivers since early childhood, stimulating the working of the brain in a particular way/direction/pattern. Learning how we imagine ourselves now, with what we associate and to what we respond, learning about present mythology of ourselves, will allow to change our story to what we actually desire to create of our life. Beginning to understand, as Campbell suggests, our own response system, patterns of our brain work, and subsequent ways of our behavior in various situations, allows us to begin to change these patterns, and create desirable changes in the story of our life. This change is a way our brain adapts to new ways of our living, a process called neuroplasticity, giving us a chance to change at any age. This is how we can become an author in our own story.

My partner Mark Schwimmer, a talented personal development facilitator, accomplished instructor and executive trainer, wrote about the process of personal changework in Neuroplasticity 101: “Growing up” is about learning to become a balanced and highly functional individual through the process of assuming responsibility for ones existence in every way in order to become truly free, and in control of the direction you move in your life.”

Determine your own ways of how you are, your own response, and personal story and use this knowledge to powerfully create your way to the life you want is possible in the next few hours of your day.

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The ways we structure our life, we can only see ourselves from the inside. The outside view is not available to us, because we are too much inside the story. We are inside the movie we are watching. We are inside the situation, inside our head. Inside. On the outside we cannot see ourselves, therefore we can’t determine what needs tweaking in our perception, in our story, in our mythological personality. You need that experience with the professional mentor-instructor, who can point you in the right direction, and the fastest way to achieve the best access to your own personal story.

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  1. T
    8 years ago


    I realy like this piece. The mythology of the personality says it all. There’s a clarity to your writing and an elegance that is very useful and satisfying. Thanks to contributing to my journey and the journey of others thourgh your articles, your book and your tele-recordings.



  2. Morrin
    8 years ago

    Thanks for supporting my life-work, T, I am grateful for your comments. Keep in the light!

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