Know The Mystery of Your Future Through Gamma Experience

Mystery of the future always fascinated and inspired curiosity in me.

How do I make the future known?

How do I make the information about the future available so I can make a choice?

It is beneficial for you to read this post in entirety because I will be talking about gamma hypnosis, why it feels so good and what you can do to use it in expanding your life opportunity.

I spent lots of time fantasizing about experiences I would have while doing one thing or the other. I wanted to be a teacher in the morning and a doctor in the afternoon, and make creative things with my hands after work, and at night – write poetry. Certainly I would have to have a long day for all that! I never really wondered about how I’m going to get there. In seventh grade I read all the fairy tales available in the library and had figured out that magic is going to happen at some point in my life. I loved the creativity of the metaphor, perfected by the environment of the cold and mysterious old mother-Russia.

I knew I was destined to be effective. Growing up, I watched my first model for effectiveness – my father. A famous architect, ever since I remember him, my father was always at work. Even when he was at home he was at work in his mind. He had an iron grip on his career, and his future. He monitored every situation. When he wanted something it became available to him. His will was unbending and his intention was… intense. But his rigidity collided with my flow. I wanted to have a life of fluid interaction, emergent from within. I wanted to have natural flow of fun without forcing it. Then I became interested in stories.

It wasn’t until I put it together and discovered that we all live inside a story we all make up for ourselves. The story is a fairy tale, or a horror, depending on our beliefs. One way or the other the story we live in begins to create the sequences of events in our life, where we begin to pay attention to the things we incorporate in our story and weed out of our focus the other things that we don’t include in our story. The stories are based on the beliefs we adopt.

Since I started work in the mysterious realm of higher consciousness wisdom states in gamma hypnotic experiences, I was fascinated with transpersonal hypnosis, spirituality and the effects this work has with those with whom I work on the daily basis: my clients. My work is highly metaphorical, creative and fluid, yet, structuredand results oriented.

In conversations with my clients, the scientific basis underneath transpersonal transformation gives me additional leverage for showing incredible results, and another avenue of confidence in knowing how to present this work to those curious in scientificlaly explained “truth” of spirituality.

My analytical mind kept me focused on closing the gap between my spiritual work, brain science and the advanced techniques of hypnosis, until I put scientific basis underneath my spiritual work. I discovered neuroscience that made available discoveries behind the spirituality, feeling good, out of body experiences and body-mind connection.

Here is what found.

I usually talk about 4 area of the brain activated in gamma:

  • visual cortex,
  • temporal cortex and
  • pre-frontal area that is responsible for future memory, decisions and
  • finally, the somato-sensory motor cortex responsible for taking action, movement forward. 

For the moment, consider yourself the way you want to be, in a way when things are easy for you, when you are in the flow.

Now consider how you are connected to the source of creation, the light, when there is flow and love and creation of all life, yet grounded deeply into your body and in the experiencing it now.

As you let yourself connect outside of you within you

What begins to unfold in your awareness of yourself as part of the universe as THE Source of light and creation.

Become aware of the sensation inside, a sensation of awareness, the “knowing” without knowing, the wisdom, access to inner guidance and flow. Experience the world opening up for you the world of possibility and connected knowledge, access to the truth and creativity, however it is manifested to you.

Consider that connected to light, with light, you are a part of the universe, in a particular position in a bigger scheme of life, with a purpose and with a mission.

Flow, connection, divinity, unconditional love, light, wisdom, creativity and flow.

When you consider your mission in life, what is your experience?

Are you experiencing and living your dream, are you living a life connected to creativity?

Or are you wondering why are you here and what is your purpose?

These are precisely the questions my clients ask when they come to see me.

My clients are usually successful business people, entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, those who already achieved a degree of success, and know what it is like to have it, and who didn’t yet figure out how to translate that success to other areas in their life.

They are looking to confirm their legacy, their contribution what they want to leave behind, when they are gone.

When they step out of my office back into the world, they have in place a precise clear vision of their purpose, and clarity on the next step in the direction of their desired outcome, in view of a larger purpose and fulfillment, their contribution, legacy and meaning.

My specific value that I add, which separates my work from all other work in the realm of spiritual hypnosis is that I have created a protocol to lead the client not only to experience the sensation of how it is to have what they want to embody that, and also to a commitment to action regarding that next step.

My secret is my use of gamma state hypnosis. 


Gamma State Hypnosis

Gamma state has been known for many years, since the beginning of early 1980s, when the first research was offered by Dr.R.Davidson researching the brains of professional meditating monks, under the supervision of Dalai Lama.

The research has proven the changes in the brain induced by gamma state in the brains of 30 meditating monks provide for a superior awareness and activating of the areas in the brain that open the gate to sensory experiences of the state of enlightenment. In that state, the meditator literally can change the future, infusing the vibrational influence into the emergent environment. Quantum physics has been looking at the realm of particles and waves, and the theory of Einstein Bridge creating a worm hole, collapsing dimensions and creating a space of emerging effect without cause. But let’s leave the technicalities of quantum physics of gamma for the professional training.

I like gamma state mostly because I don’t have to come up with solutions for the client. The client has all their solutions already in place, and those solutions have more and higher authority to them because they came from their own inner absolute pristine un-doubtful connection to their own higher wisdom, creative force, wisdom guidance and their own connection to source.

And for those who doubt their own authority, to prove that the higher authority really is something to listen to, their mind comes up with an outer metaphorical representation of the wisdom, a wisdom guidance, in a form of an angel, guide, ancestor, or Higher Self, delivering their wisdom in simple terms.

Last month, I had finished describing the wisdoms, the 9 Truths of Staying in the Light in my recent book available here, that clients consistently describe from gamma wisdom, independently of each other. The 9 truths of staying in the light, are very simple, body and mind connection oriented “advice:”

  1. Life is a story, and it can be changed,
  2. follow your bliss, do what you love,
  3. find your balance, stay in balance,
  4. relax, stop sweating the small stuff,
  5. exercise and be good to yourself,
  6. have fun, put more fun into your life
  7. create life’s intention and live your intention
  8. stay in the light and be positive
  9. know your contribution and legacy

Gamma Hypnosis Science

Yet to my surprise very few professional hypnotists use the gamma state to assist their clients in their life changing work.

So here are some nuts and bolts for those who are still linear and are looking for solid ground.  There are basic 3 brain wave states for normal awareness: beta – active waking state, alpha – slower light trance state, and theta – deep trance state. Brain waves for each state are normally stimulated by the environment, tasks an activities in which we are involved. We naturally transition between these states during our day. These brain wave states can be additionally stimulated by music, specific beat slowing or speeding up our brain wave perception.

Gamma is yet another brain wave state, not very actively present in most people’s every day life, although for some it is the way of being, shamans, for example, who live in the mystery of emergent universe. Gamma is a highly active state with a brain wave higher than in beta, which is a waking state. In gamma a person can be extremely creative, what many call “connected,” as if driven by some outer force. Gamma is implicated in creating a higher perspective on a person’s place in the world.

The brain science behind gamma state shows it is transformative and creates in the brain changes that trigger powerful decision making, and when creativity occurs, there is a possibility to a commitment to the necessary change and desired life path.

Neuro-scientists have not yet been researching gamma state in the correlation between hypnotic protocols and the brain response creating the possibilities of leaping right to the point of commitment, knowing the next step.

I love the idea of eliciting the commitment from the client to the next step they discover. It is one thing to entertain yourself with a possibility of improvement, enlightenment and communicating with your wisdom guides, angels and your soul,  and another to actually taking the action necessary to bring that information to life so you can have the life that you say you want.

Gamma is A Highly Exitatory State

Gamma is a highly excitatory state with 30+ neuro-oscillations per second. It is a brain wave that is described by creating a sensation of unity of consciousness, when all clicks together, and immediate knowing without knowing comes naturally as connection with perceived wisdom and awareness, with a simultaneous sense of disconnect from immediate reality and connection with the reality of deep knowing, inner wisdom, guidance, and the truth.

In gamma, activated are areas of visual interpretation cortex in the back of the brian visualizing yourself in the way you want to be,  an area in the sides of your brain responsible for interpreting the meaning of symbols, language, and understanding, in the temporal lobe, simultaneously decreasing time-perception, in the state of sustained attention, and further activating the area in the pre-frontal cortex, responsible for the creating the future memory and decision making. Motor cortex in the right side of the brain is activated ready to commit to action, to take the  next step.

Connecting the brain activities in gamma wave, allows for the client to become aware of some profound truths, make leaps, connections to knowing what’s the right thing on their path, describing the next step and commitments to that decision in the bigger picture of their life direction.



Brain activated connection in gamma state hypnosis

Gamma Active State

Contrary to popular belief not all hypnosis is a relaxed state. In gamma hypnosis the client is an active state, sometimes gesticulating, sometimes making facial expressions, and articulating themselves with active emotional involvement.

A relaxed state is true for alpha, or a deeper theta states, where a client is relaxed in their chair, with slow sluggish movements, slow speech and mostly eyes closed.

In Gamma hypnosis eyes are open or closed, it does not matter. The client is in the flow, bypassing conscious judgement, experiencing a flow, stream of consciousness, seemingly beyond their knowing, usually quick to respond to questions with a profound truth, trusting, lovingly, generously, and in responses assuming a meta-position, a bird’s eye view on life and the purpose of existence in the world.

In lay terms gamma hypnosis  may even be described similar to channeling. Although no research has been done to support this.

Any willing and curious client is capable of some degree of wisdom access. Allowing this state to occur is key, this is why it is beneficial to close eyes, so there is less distraction from the outside and possible interference of conscious judgement. However, gamma hypnotic state can easily be achieved with eyes open particularly with a preconditioned client.

The client following the instruction begins to experience sensations and visualizations, of which they report to the hypnotist, who records the experience form the words of the client. It is also key for the hypnotist to be able to enter with client in gamma hypnosis and experience it with the client while doing the work with a client in gamma state. This requires a high degree of natural talent, willingness and practice.


Gamma Benefits

This profound process creates a fulfilling experience for the client and for the hypnotist.

Now I also mentioned that gamma state feels good. Usually after a  gamma session a client and a hypnotist feel a sensation of fulfillment, achievement and satisfaction.

During the gamma state the awareness of amazing flow, experience of extra-ordinary and awareness of personal creativity coming from out of nowhere is based on the physiological changes in the physiology of a client.

Deeper breath brings oxygen to the brain and the activity of the brain in the frontal areas slows down. Judgement is alleviated. Flow is established.

The system settles at rest, brain sends out hormonal messages and neuro-transmitters of oxytocin, endorphines and relaxins and the brain gets the message “I am safe, I can attend to other things,” and sets off subsequent creativity.

This is one reason why it feels so good to be in the hypnotic state.

When the brain waves reach gamma the visualizations interweave with interpretation and dream-like experience begins, with deep awareness and active realization. Because there is absence of tension or pressure, just relaxed state of enjoyment and realization, activating other parts of the brain responsible for abstract thinking, symbolic representation and mythological story-weaving, things begin to be interesting, and this feels even better. Unusual metaphor story unfolds allowing or leaps of conscious awareness, and “aha” moments.


Is it Real?

There is an active experience of amazing story unfolding in front of your eyes that becomes more real than any other “real” reality.

A recent client had issues with self-perception, distorting  her beliefs about her image and confidence. She told me that ever she remembered herself she was told that she needed to loose weight. Her story is a constant struggle to get relationships, because she didn’t think she deserved them.  Even though successful on the outside, with her booming pre-school business, with 16 employees in the middle of Manhattan, at 26, she continues to live with her mother. Her un-married mother supports my client’s low self-image by her own dream that her daughter remains single so she could take care of her, the mother, when she, the mother, gets, old. This is the family belief, and that was the mother did for her mother, the grandmother of the family. As the young woman proceeded to access the wisdom state and express her experience of inner wisdom, her connection with her purpose and intention, she found the discrepancy with her current path and the fulfillment she is looking for. Experiencing the desired life scheme in the way she is when she is fully herself, childlike, happy, a heroine in her own story, changed her trajectory of further events in her story. She made a leap to separating herself from the old story and creating an empowering way of representing herself with a desired set of sensations. In that state she was able to make a commitment to herself to be herself.

She wondered about proof that visualizations are real. What she meant by “real” was the reality of the story she was believing in earlier. We asked for confirmations that the experience was real. Her wisdom came that it was. And then she asked to tell her what is real, and the guides told her that whatever she wants to be real is the reality for her. 

“There are some things that can never be seen with our eyes though this does not make them any less real.” Albert Einstein



Dissolution Reconstitution of Self in Gamma Hypnosis

Dissolution and Subsequent Reconstitution of Self in Gamma Hypnosis, 2001, D.Leihmann et al.

Generating Gamma Experience

Investigating consciousness has become a second career of Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize winning biologist famous for being the co-discoverer on the 1950s of the double-helix structure of DNA.

In a recent book, entitled The Astonishing Hypothesis he suggests:

The astonishing hypothesis is that you, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and you ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will are, in fact, no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules. ( Crick, 1994, p.3)

The subtitle for Crick’s book is The Scientific Search for the Soul.

All of our experiences triggers neurological activity in the brain. In gamma specific sequences, these activities generate physiological experience of pleasure, and that makes it enjoyable for the mind and body and pleasant to be able to make decisions from the state of higher connected absolute awareness when

there are no problems only solutions.

In effect what happens, emphasizes another researcher Dietrich Leihmann and his group, in 2001,  is that entering into gamma state we undergo an experience of self-dissolution, which is related to lowered activity in the motor cortex SD.

Further visualizations and verbalization of the absolute spiritual experience occurs, in temporal and occipital areas, and the link between temporal ( self-verbalization) and motor cortex (movement in relation to self-verbalization, decision toward it) is made, and the connections between temporal and pre-frontal areas are activated ( commitment to verbal statements output).

In other words, when the decision is made to be a particular way, so that you can have what you want and fulfill your purpose in life, you must take action and commit to acting that way, take active steps and move forward, not just enjoy the information given to you and then walk away, as having had an entertaining experience of enjoying the session.

Yes, the session is enjoyable and it is also an extreme boost of motivation to creating the life you want.


Last Piece – Action

Action pursuant to the experience is required. After experiencing gamma hypnosis experience it is easy to make that commitment, because the new neural pathways have just been established, and all the client have to do is to be open to reiterative experiences of that sensation, which begin to happen with some simple supportive self-hypnosis at home.

My client is a professional computer scientist. At his very linear job he enjoys the fulfillment of his scientific side of himself. Yet, in his spare time, at home he is a chef. The sensual experience of preparing the food, even if it just for dinner for him and his wife, is an overwhelming sensory overload and to avoid this unexplained sensitivity he often experiences outbursts of anger and avoids cooking altogether.

Experiencing himself in a highly relaxed state of awareness, he was able to uncover the clarity with which he is able to focus and think when he is in a highly relaxed state, similar to when her walks in his back yard forest, in the fog between the trees in early hours of the day. When he is able to experience the quiet in nature, which he describes by the lack of rustling of the pine-tree needles, or birds chirping, the only thing he could hear was his own footsteps and dry branches crunch under his boots. The coolness of the air is refreshing at this hour. The proximity of large body of water makes it an especially cool freshness, but he enjoys it, standing there, in the fog, being a quiet man. The stillness of the air is almost thick with its potential of what about to happen, and what about to happen is anything he wants. And it gives him enormous power to influence whatever comes next. And what comes next is his ability to deal with the circumstances at work, or at home, with interruptions, coming from the outside. In this position, a quiet man of the Fog is able to be generous to his wife, and colleagues, and still have time to enjoy the wonderful skill of creating culinary art in his home kitchen to share his life with those he loves.  His commitment to this new awareness of himself is real and firm.

Two weeks later he is still in awe how quickly the transformation happened, and how deeply he was influenced by the experience.

The transformation happens very quickly, and gamma experience is so enjoyable, that it is easy to want to continue and seek out this experience in daily reality.

And it feels like magic.

And don’t we all want a little bit of magic?

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    I’m looking forward to immersing my self in your book to deepen into the approach that you are bringing to the world. It’s great to have a more powerful and effective version and model of hypnosis and tranformation in gamma hypnosis.



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