Manifesting The Results You Want

I discovered for myself a wonderful exercise, and I often use it to get rest for my brain during the day.

The exercise involves deep breathing, concentration on a point, a center, and a mental stillness to the point of folding into the center, for some quiet time, resting, preparing for sleep, and further – ideal decision making and creating, visualizing and manifesting the desired results.

The exercise is an easy pleaser, and it has a lot of positive ways of influencing the brain activity with results.

Where I have been putting a lot of attention and what I have been doing with my time is researching, reading and experimenting in the area of brain activitycerebral neurochemistry  and behavioral responses.  We as humans always respond in one way or another to our environment, to the people around us and in the situations we create for ourselves. I strive to create responses that are useful and productive.

It is well known that appropriate brain activity is triggered by our physical activities, nutrition and water intake and general health and restfullness of our body.

In stress the brain produces hormones activating the system of survival.

In safe relaxed mode, the brain produces neurochemistry of well-being and emotional enjoyment, relaxation and peace. 

It is also well known that we can activate those mechanisms at will. Practices of meditation have been around for thousands of years. Our bodies are machines producing the hormonal neurochemistry of well-being, that can be directed toward any way of manifesting the results that are desired.

What is little known, and is a fact, is that our brains are responsive machines, and the sequence with which the responses happen are activated in the body, not in the mind. Physical happens first. The sensations are passed through the skin, onto the central nervous system, and into the adrenal gland responsible for activation of stress response, and further up to the brain. The chain reactions in the brain areas of the amygdala, pituitary gland and the cerebellum trigger the production of two responses: stres and relaxation.

Relaxation is produced by the oxytocins, endorphins delivered from the brain down to the CNS, oxygenation of the blood stream, subsequent feelings of  well-being, relaxation and other good pleasurable sensations.

In danger, real or perceived catecholamines constrict blood vessels and deprive the blood of oxygen creating sensations and thoughts of fear, anger, guilt, sadness, delivered to the rest of the body.

Unlike the popular belief of mind over matter, before the mind begins to influence the body, in the ways that we want, the body must be at rest and at peace.

So take a deep breath.

Manifesting the results that you want, at will and on call is easy when you know what sequence to follow. So follow me to start with a simple relaxing breath and then mental rest, before we can move onto the manifesting part itself.

Master the part of relaxation and producing a feeling of well-being for yourself. Once you mastered this part we can move onto the next segment: How to create what you want.

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