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Morrin Bass, MentorDays are becoming longer and warmer here in New York City. As spring arrives, so do the thoughts of seeking a change, as it is customary in the early spring cleaning days.

Cleaning up my thoughts, my strategies, and making plans for the next few months, I just came back from a few days with my mentor Joseph Riggio.  I have participated in Joseph’s new program P4, which revolves around the work with personal performance, personal mythology, unwinding personal story in an impactful teaching resulting in instant transformation and  followed by an inevitable change process. The work my mentor puts out, training, and mentoring programs, are always stimulating and inspiring to me, so I can go back to my own work with my clients, with a renewed sense of vision, encouraging me to create ways of effective work with my clients.

It is absolutely stunning to me, to discover how an angle we choose to tell our personal story changes the entire story, and what emerges from immersing inside a new, changed story.

…I recall a recent letter from one of my clients, a beautiful, young Israelite, who wrote to me a month since the end of our work together that she feels as if the magic she experienced in my presence, had left with me.  She is single, and having broken a relationship last year, she stayed “frozen” and began to experience her life as an outsider. She generated a series of bad habits that serve as a substitute to her loneliness. As we spend a few hours together she experienced a sensation that she equated with a magical awakening. As I left the country she let go of the magic. Now she is longing for that magic to come back to her, which means of course, the need  for me to come back to her.

Here she, of course, is using a false logic. Not true, that the magic had left her. She just allowed herself to delete the benefit of the magic inside, and continue to operate from a belief that the magic happens outside of her.

It is true that in my presence it is easy for her to concentrate on her sensations of pleasure, satisfaction with herself, her life,  and let go of unwanted thoughts, and behaviors. In fact, it was so easy for her, that she perceived it as I did magic.

In my work I do magic to help her generate your desired state, until she can do it for herself on her own. Simultaneously, I give her the tools to know her own ways of her own sustainable magic, so that she can begin to make connections on her own.

As I was doing my work with her in helping her identify and sustain her own realization of her position when her life works, a position of creative satisfaction, when she had her own “Aha” moment, subsequently generating thoughts and beliefs about her own perception of herself in the way that is helpful to her, literally creates a different future.

In that moment, she generates a sense of well-being which helps her to essentially change her story, her belief about herself, and her life in the way she wants it becomes possible, her perception of herself, her abilities as new possibilities arise instantly. All of that happened inside her because I she trusted me and let me in and I did my work with her. By the way, I only spend not more than two hours with her in person.

In order for her to continue to generate this feeling what becomes a driver for necessary changes in her life she needed to continue to work with me for longer time. See, not everybody is ready to take a leap on the “first date”. However, openly she refused to work further with me.

“There are some changes I would need to make”,

she said, in order to sustain the magic. This lady was not ready to make a leap to the next step. She wants stuff doneto her. And I am not about that. In my work I don’t do things TO YOU. I work with you to lead you to the source where you can make any adjustments you like because you want to. That source is hidden inside you and I help you uncover it.

When you uncover the secret is not the end of the story. What you choose to do with the secret is.

My magic is permanent. It stays with you and it goes with you, as Erickson used to say, it

“goes with you wherever you are….”

But until you make a choice to begin to choose where you are going, choose your direction, my voice in your head will be nagging about your opportunities that you are leaving unused, untouched and undiscovered. Until the decision to change is in place.

Until the action is taken, until the contact is made, until the commitment to magic is present… 


Because when the commitment is present, the action is taken, it is the beginning of a new route.

“To start is to bring yourself half-way  forward,”

an old Russian proverbs says.

Take a different perspective, as if you are your best friend and tell yourself to start today. Call me, write to me, comment, take action, breathe, make a wave.

Do your spring cleaning inside your thoughts, update your thinking. You will see, there is an update to your story, to your future is waiting for you, and it is just around the corner; to be exact, in the paragraph below.

I am starting my new teleseminar series next Wednesday, teaching you how to sustain the “Aha”, so be sure to make it happen for yourself and to be there. It is free for the first 3 months, so sign up today, without having to pay anything.

Bring your questions, your dreams, your desires. Click here.

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"The work that you are doing does sound differernt from whats out there. Thats what I like about it. It seems to go to the next makes sense!!" Sherri, 48, Medical Sales, Utah

"At the conference two things stood out for me. The first was your passion and knowledge about gamma, the second was the way that I felt during and after your presentation. It was a great experience for me: my body became very energized, like a power surge. I also experienced clarity about current situation in my life. I can just imagine what results I can have in private sessions with you! So I am drawn to learning more." Brad, 55, Psychiatrist, Vermont

"First of all, I was surprised at your organization, the size and breadth of the scope of work you did with me in the sessions. All my questions were answered. I was amazed how we went through the questions as sort of a blueprint of my life, and did all of it in one sitting. Very good, accomplished feeling! The most valuable revelation is that I am in charge of my life and it is doable, and can be effortless!" Jason, 57, Technical Director, Vancouver

"For a few weeks after our private work, I had not seen the connection between our work and the results in my life. I started to write every day, with interest and my novel is moving along. Recently, upon re-reading the transcripts from our sessions and evaluating my daily work, I realized, that what is now happening in my life is a direct result of our work together, my own revelations, and the personal intention I created for myself! Morrin thank you for making my life effortless! I didn't realize that I had acquired such a commitment to my writing and the actions I needed to be taking is so I can complete the book by my deadline." Teresa, 47, Author, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for your work with me. I feel so connected with inner quiet stillness and serendipity, a sensation of excitement and effortlessness. I feel very powerful in my own life experience, and exactly the way I want to be." Shirri, 38, Consultant, Israel

"Morrin, these amazing results must be attributed to our recent conversations. I don't k now how you do it. The result is that I am excited about my life, feel fully engaged in life, which is effortless and free." Lorraine R., 48, Banker

"As a mentor, you probably heard it before, but I will say it again. Now, after I started working with you, it is easier for me to do what I have to do at work. I manage a number of people and tasks, this coordination used to be tedious for me, and I used to get angry and impatient. Now I have a totally different awareness, and I had great experience learning through Gamma Hypnosis." Tim Daniel, 48, Sr. Manager, New York

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