What Is Real? It’s A Choice….

What is real in our reality? What is true?

Last week I came upon this question as I traveled to visit my elderly parents in their summer home. They have a quiet backyard and in the end of the work day I enjoyed the peace. I sat on the porch and watched the flowers. It nearly seemed that I can see them grow. Caught in this quiet awe of the moment, I became aware that the veil of reality is very thin and I can choose to follow one reality or the other.

I could follow the flowers to be closer of farther away, and actually, I felt like I can choose to see beyond them as if the plane they are on just doesn’t exist. This was interesting and weird. Theoretically and practically I knew that the flowers were in front of me. Very bright little orange spots, several on each stem. And at the same time they were NOT here. As if the air suddenly got very thick and foggy and it was hard to see beyond a certain point. The thickness of the air pushed the flowers into a dimension where I could not see them.

I was mezmerised by that experience. It started to become dusk time. I slowly waved my own hand in front of my face, and realized that I see my hand as someone else’s hand, and that I can let it disappear too, just like the flowers. I could see through it. Beyond it, beyond the flowers, and into the farther point of the yard.

Is it real, what I see now? Or rather, what I don’t see. In this moment I realize that I actually see the flowers, and my hand too. So is it my choice what to see? to experience this illusion? And what is the illusion, and what is the reality? Which one is more real?

I could actually decide to sustain the illusion and make that reality, and then it took me a while to get back into the other  REAL reality.

I think it is a choice. This experiment came to mind today.

In the EnlighteNEXT magazine for 11, 2009, I found an article referring to a study recently done about contemporary women becoming increasingly unhappy.

It was pointed out that the authors of the report “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness” first appeared in The New York Times can’t come to any conclusion as to what it may mean. What causes this unhappiness?

Is this true that a woman of a childbearing age must face incredible difficulty in her decision how and whether to be happy?

Is it really necessary that a woman of any age revert to the drama of emotional struggling through life?

The author says, “To me, it makes sense that women are less happy”, as she is alluding to transformational transitional times we live in. Many women turn to spiritual guidance to find energy and focus, redefine purpose and begin to enjoy themselves.

But stop!

Doesn’t “transformation” imply innovation and evolvement? In my opinion, women of modern times are presented with a choice.

And the choice is to have what they want.

Love, Family, Career, Spiritual evolvement, it all happens at the same time. We do not need to separate ourselves from the evolutionary process, interconnectedness and the reality of what we want.

It is possible to have what you want, every day, at any point. It is simple. You just have to zoom the focus into what it is around you in present moment. and continue to develop this ability to pay attention to what is important to you.

Like the ability to see or not to see the flower.

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