NADA – Ne Nada? Part II

This morning I spoke with my father about my visit to NADA, about which I wrote yesterday ( read the full article Part I first).

He has been around art all his life. He is now 81 and a well established practicing (still practicing) architect in Moscow. May father is quite old school, regarding the aesthetic form and function. He graduated Cum Laude in 1953 and has accomplished success in spite of his very forward views as a modern architect in the then communist Moscow. His opinion on contemporary art is: “This is what sells, that’s why I don’t get involved with commercial art.”

His belief about art is that

“Art is a multilayered activity that creates aesthetic arrest.” 

with which, incidentally, I agree.

He paints for fun, and his paintings of lovely still-lives and colorful stylized-medium landscapes are inspiring and eye-pleasing with the well-formed structure, composition, colors and sheer beauty of light, skill and creativity. They are hung all over my parents apartment in Moscow and every time I visit, I am inspired to be at my best, do more, more intently and be more focused in my life. My father’s paintings are a catalyst of my dream to be well-structured as I live my life.

Could he do it, I asked, could he make art like what those contemporary young artists do, and compromise in making his art, just because it sells?

He said, “I can’t see it.”

He can’t see the reason to do it and he can’t see how it could happen, he just can’t see it. It is not in his paradigm of imagination. And, believe me, my father has imagination!

Then he asked me an interesting question:


Perhaps you missed something….

“Something that IS BEAUTIFUL there, that is worth taking another look at?”

Wow! I had to think to answer this. Did I want to go back?

Hmmm, I wanted to go back. But I only wanted to go back to find out from those art dealers, what’s in their heads, where they find those artists, what their provenance, what’s that art school they went to, and whether they DID actually go to an art school at all? Who buys this kind of art? Is it popular? Does it have a following?

Perhaps these artists are regular people and not artists at all? They just live in turmoil, depressed, mentally disturbed, ill, or on drugs, psychotropic anti-depressants or have some bad stuff going on in their lives, and they live inside their own dystopian fantasy. They simply can’t contain what’s on their mind so they must EXPRESS themselves in an art form for others to see how awful life is.

Some people don’t have artistic training and transition to become artists simply because their mind is overflowing with images that are so creative and beautiful. … Wait did I say, beautiful?

That, what I see here is not beauty, it is turmoil of a tortured soul.

But isn’t it just a tumoil because they feel locked inside their limitations that they imposed on themselves.

I want to take the turmoiled artist by their hand and look them in the eye to see what’s the pain, and how I can help. How can I make you understand that it is just a dream you live inside, and it is a bad dream, so wake up from the torture. It is not true! I want to tell them, “Don’t believe it, don’t just believe everything you see, it is just symbols.”

Most of us believe in self-imposed symbols of our life. Symbols of life: words, paints, images, meaning that we attach to everything around us.

We grow up with those symbols. Those symbols were imposed on us since childhood. Our beliefs are the beliefs of those people we considered authority back then, and we grew to believe them. But those people are gone from our lives now! Why do we still believe in their symbols?


So what is true?

The sunshine is true.

Nothing else is true.

Everything else is made up. Even the full Moon last night isn’t true. It is only full because we say so. And what it means to us is made up.


However, even light is only true because of the reflection and when it is completely dark there is no light either.

Every belief you can think of is MADE UP

by someone else. No thoughts are authentic. No image you can make up is truly yours: it will always be made upon the belief you have, and the beliefs are lies. The beliefs we have are the biggest lies that we allowed into our lives and that shape our lives and our behavior, locking us into patterns and limitations.

Our parents, teachers, peers, bosses, spouses, children, including us, use various elaborate worlds and

points of views on symbology that WE AGREED UPON,

that would mean something to all of us.

We agreed to believe, that good is good, bright and light, and bad is evil, dark and hurt, but it’s not true. None of it is true. The truth is only inside you.

What is true of you? It is YOU.

Inside you is the truth, there is love, there is light. Because you are born with light.

When the baby appears into this world, we are inspired to give love to the baby. We are inspired, we live in generosity, we give, and shine without needing of reciprocation, knowing that what we receive in return is much more than we give.

We receive joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, and as a result we relax, feel free, settled and calm. This, in turn, inspires us to do more, more intently, more focused on what we want and need to create, achieve, overcome and get done with the purpose of better, higher, deeper experience of our own contribution, legacy, and impact on the society en-large, helping people, one or many, to find peace and fulfillment and that makes us feel good.

Oops, I made a typo, writing “good” and instead I typed “god”. Or was it a typo? Is it supposed to read “feel god” instead of “feel good”? Or feel good IS feel god? Feel GOD in the end of our work day? During our work day, as we speak, eat, make love, cradle the baby, do our homework, prepare food, drive, shop, love?

God is within each one of us. I am god, you are god. Back in the Garden of Eden, we made the first mistake agreeing that we want to be like God, essentially admitting that we are NOT God. What a mistake! Since then, some greedy people made us believe in religious dogmas, and we followed. Humans have great imagination, and we imagine a lot, all the time, constantly living in our imaginary world.

Only in our childhood this world is a fairy tale with a fantasy future, and when we grow up, we begin to add judgement to this world and it becomes burning Hell. We think, “What have I done with my life?” “When is the end to my torture?” “I am too fat,” “I am stupid,” “I should have married another,” “I should have done that,” “Not done this,” and with the constant self-judgement, comparison and distortion life becomes contant suffering and compromise.

But realize, that this is all made up! It is all NOT TRUE!!!!!

What can you do about it? Knowing that this is not true, and the only truth is you and the sunshine, think of yourself as part of the organism of Life, living with and of light.

As above so below.

As we are part of Earth, the humans, humanity overall is an earth’s organ, we are like a heart, or a lung, or a limb for the earth’s body. We are structurally and functionally born to be perfect and in the way of life, we have purpose of functioning as ourselves. There is not striving to do anything better than anything, just being yourself.

We are already perfect.

There is no limitations, and no obstacles, no needing to do, or not do, just be doing what we are born to do, be ourselves.

And enjoy it. So believing that we are supposed to do something, or not this, or that, is simply made up, based on the symbols of culture, tradition, or politics.

Unlock yourself, and by unlocking yourself from your current beliefs, you will realize that life becomes a kingdom of freedom. Stop judging yourself, and you will learn that accepting yourself for who you are is simply liberating.

We are all angels. But not the angels with wings like in christianity, because angels with wings is a symbol, and it is made up. “Angel” means a messenger.

We are messengers. We all have our own unique message. 

Let’s make it a message of love, light and creativity, enjoyment and peace, help and beauty. Truth that tells about sunshine and love. Because essentially we are all love, we are born to love, and shine the light.

You don’t have to believe me. In fact, do not listen to me, because all I say, all I believe, is made up by me.

But in the work that I do with my clients, I smile when yet another client discovers their own truth of love and light.

What you make up and believe is made up. Why not make up a nice story to believe, at least something that inspires you and so it leads you to live in paradise instead of torturous hell?

My clients discover that what they are here to accomplish is learn to be yourself, love and light, and it is inspiring. Inspiring an disappointing at the same time.

Disappointing because when you know what you need to do to be yourself, and to live your life to enjoy it, and you don’t do it – it becomes a choice.

To make this choice is the only thing you need to do. To some people it is very difficult to make this choice right. And when one makes a choice of not doing something, “not doing it” is a choice too. Only now you can’t claim innocence. Now that you know what to do to live your life to the fullest, and make a choice not to, that is what breeds disappointment, anger, guilt. This is why a lot of people overeat, gamble, become violent, careless, and even take their own life.

I carry a message for you. My message is Love and Light. I teach how to STAY IN THE LIGHT. How to live so life becomes a joy, and fearless journey into the unknown of the incredible feeling, called satisfaction. 

I won’t dream of influencing you, because I have no right to tell you what to do with your life. You have to decide for yourself.

So… What’s your message?

What kind of journey are you having? What story are you telling yourself? What are you telling the world about yourself? Is it a story of you living your life, or a life that someone else has planned for you, with beliefs that were installed into you, programmed by the parents, culture, and tradition, and you have followed them in that plan. Is it you telling your story, or is it someone else’s voice you are hearing in your head?

Are you the author of your life, or is it your parents, bosses, children, spouses, or some other secondary participants? 

Are you enjoying your life? 

If you are, and if you are satisfied, and all is well, then turn the page. This message is not for you. But I suppose, that if you had read so far, you want something that is not yet present in your life – satisfaction.

So choose a different story. Tell yourself a view of yourself from a perspective of what you want.

And choose to begin now. Because the time is not waiting. There is so much suffering from the distortion of the stories we tell ourselves. It is time to change the message we carry.

So what message do you choose? 

My intention is to bring change to the world. I am a change agent, a catalyst for personal transformation.

Here I ask for your help.

Help me change the world! Help me change the world by changing yourself first. Begin to clean up the beliefs that no longer serve you and bring in the new ones that create a kingdom of love and joy in your life, and that allow and support you in your desire to stay in the light.

Write me a comment or share something about yourself that is truly deeply yours, so your life becomes enriched by this generosity.

And I’ll just make myself another cup of coffee, reset and start again on my path of love and light.

Vivat to human creativity!

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  1. T
    9 years ago

    Hi Morrin aka change agent,

    This is a wonderful made up story. I enjoyed the story of art and it’s relevancy to what story we are telling of our experience and our life. I enjoyed the new definition of angel as messenger and the link to asking what message we are.

    This piece is a work of art. In reading and experiencing this one I did arrive at aesthetic arrest yet another time. It supported and provoked me to refine my agility and capacity to tell a beutiful and exquisite story of who I am and am becoming. I’m a social alchemist utilizing the alchemy of the somatic and the story to enter new satisfying experiences.

    I love this made up and exquisitely artful and useful story,


  2. Morrin
    9 years ago

    You get it, T, Thanks for the comment.

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