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The first time I became aware of the concept of balance, or rather imbalance in my early 30s.

I mentor successful women who want more success in their lives, and often this success starts with regaining balance. Just like you, a woman executive, in a high level decision making position, I was paying little attention to other areas in my life than my work. Then I discovered that I needed to recover my balance.

I grew up in Moscow, Russia, In our household there was not such word in use: Balance. What was in use was the concept of hard work and good education, that was instilled in me. Just like my father I believed that I needed to work hard to get someplace. Simultaneously, I believed that if I did not work hard I could not get  any place at all.

Armed with this concept I arrived to the US 22 years ago. About 8 years of hard work I found myself standing in front of the mirror in my Upper West Side apartment utterly and completely out of balance. Working a lot of hours a day and not exercising, for years in a row, I put on some weight, and now helplessly was trying on a new pair of pants that I bought through a catalogue, you know, those loose fit, that make you look like you are even bigger than you are. I looked at myself and started to cry, I looked pregnant and I wasn’t even in a relationship.

This brought my life to a halt. I realized I had to change something.

And balance is really an esthetically pleasing integration of elements in life, including physical equilibrium, and mental and emotional steadiness, and ability to retain balance in various circumstances with poise and dignity.

When I discovered this methodology that I work with now, I regained my balance, for the first time in years. Things began to shift in my life. I re-discovered who I am and began to live my life from this position. When I regained the ability to be in balance magic began to happen in my life. Miraculously the Universe began to assist me and created circumstances for me to find love and rebalance my romance life. Living from within and enjoying life really led me to begin to look at my work differently.

I no longer say: I have to go to work. Now I say, It’s another day of being myself and enjoying my life.

I love having this magic of balance in my life. When do you want to start finding yours?

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  1. Jeanne
    10 years ago

    Wonderful publish, I watch for messages of your stuff.

  2. Roxy
    10 years ago

    Greetings I stumbled on your website by mistake when i was searching Live search for this issue, I must point out your blog is very valuable I also seriously like the style, its great!

  3. Tivo
    10 years ago


    I love the statement: “It’s another day of being myself and enjoying my life.” From that place or position everything is so different. Thanks for this posting. The essence of that sentence struck me and inspired me to be there more myself.

    Culture, most parenting and most support does not catalyze to retrn back to being one’s true or essential self and being in enjoyment. It’s great that your joy informs your offering to the world.



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