Personal Mythology Is Metaphor

God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It’s as simple as that.

Joseph Campbell 

What’s a personal story? It’s a narrative created based on personal beliefs, and cultural values, through time for the individual. It is unique and specific for every individual.  It is not the truth. It is merely a present memory of the past, being narrated in the present.

Since childhood we have lived inside a “magical” symbolic reality. We describe inner states of awareness through images and actions of characters in our life: parents, siblings, authorities, experts, peers, etc.  This story mirrors reflections of aspects of our inner world originally influenced by our parents, as the first authority. We grow up with no choice other than to adopt the values and beliefs around us.  We begin to live our life, in accordance with the “rules” we have adopted by default, as the “truth” as our “reality.”

When we experience the story while working within the higher consciousness experience with guidance we take a bird’s eye view and form an aesthetic and spiritual communication, reflecting the circumstances of the individual mythology.

In many cultures there are stories of individuals seeking and meeting their spirit guides. Within those experiences the “magic” of learning easily through the wisdom the guides is present. It makes sense that all traditional cultures had stories that transmitted beliefs and values of the tribe through centuries. Those stories were based on metaphorical spiritual tales creation, of heroes overcoming challenges, conquering evil, of internal fears and obstacles and creating victory and personal triumph. Others were based on morals, love, roles of man and woman, and the movement of the human from birth to death.

As children, we easily accept fantasy worlds through fairy tales, travel in parallel realities, dream worlds without boundaries. As we grow up, western culture and education dims our imaginative powers, and they tend to evaporate into the endless days of work, obligations and addictive habits.

Those who stop and try to reconnect with the experience of living a life with meaning are often ridiculed, or shunned.  Sometimes invalidated for their desire to live a creative life, rather than the linear, logical mainstream path.

Spiritual metaphor learning is the most gentle and most effective way for the individual to become aware of herself. What she needs to learn, to heal and release is the past misconceptions of her self-perception, limitations and patterns of behavior, many of which are invisible to her because they are totally out of awareness. The results that those who seek my skills accomplish, indicate working in the realm of positively oriented spiritual guidance as a cutting edge transformational technique, in my experience.

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