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I really don’t follow politics. At least not in a traditional sense of that expression “follow politics,” or as closely as some people I know.  The other day I found myself looking at a youtube sent to me of the college students pepper-sprayed by the police. I noticed a retracting cooling sensation I experienced in my gut in response to it.

I hear about occupy this, occupy that. Seems there are people that are bravely putting themselves, their bodies and their energy in the front lines of harm’s way demonstratively defending their views on government, politics, and the nation’s future.

I am not one of them. Perhaps 25 years ago I wouldn’t have minded the excitement of nights in a tent. Now I don’t get involved.

So I have not been putting much of my attention to the news. In the form that it exists now, political news doesn’t interest, excite or appeal to me.

Not my area,” as John Travolta’s character Archangel Michael said in the movie Michael.

Where I have been putting a lot of my attention particularly lately is to researching human reasons and responses to everyday activities ( maybe alike the ones described in the news). I have been putting much of my attention to using effective hypnotic protocols in relation to assisting myself in sorting out my interactions with my environment. I find it quite effective for myself. Took me a lot of years to master this.

I track responses that create a sense of well-being, peace, and satisfaction. Satisfaction being particularly interesting to me.

What is fascinating to me is when I feel satisfaction, the incredible excitement for life comes with it.

Subsequently being in an excitatory state of curiosity I am perfectly aligned  to effectively assist my clients in the direction of the life that they want.

I am able to stimulate those productive purposeful and profound states of peace and well-being in my clients so they too are in a state that is effective for their own manifesting the results that they want.

Like in politics, life can be unpredicted. As someone said, “Life happens.” What do you do next? How to you keep up with what comes up?

This morning I worked with a client in Atlanta over Skype. She recently had a baby and her attention is focused now on her little bundle of Joy…

Recalculating…” her life’s GPS sounded a bit Australian, like herself.

Just being aware of what you are pursuing in the moment as well as what to follow as part of the bigger picture restates that sensation of well-being many people miss in their life entirely, and I help them restore.

I am fairly determined that my ways of doing work one-on-one are powerful if not more effective than physical presence in actions on campus grounds. And I like it better than being cold.

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