Connecting with inner spirituality?

Am I spiritual?

Am I spiritual?

Are You Spiritual?

“We aren’t human beings leading spiritual lives. We are spiritual beings leading human lives.” Teilhard De Chardin, Cosmology Philosopher.

What does it mean being spiritual? Is it being religious?

Spirituality has noting to do with religion. Raising personal awareness through becoming aware of yourself in self discovery is being spiritual. Of course, spirituality has long history. In fact, as discussed in a recent New York Times article, entitled, How Important Is Your Spiritual Life? author Katherine Schulten brings up the statistics about the young adult population in the US rapidly moving away from associating with any organized religion, moving farther away from connecting with religious aspects as their life progresses. Simultaneously, they are desperately trying to connect with inner truth, relate to the world and to each other, learn about themselves. Young adults find spirituality, to help them identify the parameters of their strategies in evaluating good and bad and making life-altering decisions.

If you already had success the markers of success are present in your life.

Yet sometimes you feel stuck, feel alone, feel stagnant.

Without a spiritual aspect it still seems like something is missing. The connection to the Universe to the Divine is necessary for us. You think, “I want to do something for others, for the World, and I know that makes me feel good.”

This existential longing, desire to connect with others, with what is greater than self, the divine, the concept of god in our life, the sense of being as one with the world, creates the sense of our life, the reason for being.

But where do we begin to connect with the divine within us? How to we find our path and make sure it is ours. How to define the unique and personal way of being.

The other day I went out to a Barnes and Noble on West 67 Street, and the amount of magazines they have on spirituality in enormous. There is a magazine on just about every aspect of modern ways of enlightenment, exercises for the soul and creating spiritual space. There list many places and classes on all kinds of spirituality in this large city we live in. New information comes in every day.

There is so much information, that it is hard to navigate in which direction to begin to move for such connection.

Where to turn to begin to make our life more satisfying?

How to get to the place of knowing that you are doing the right thing?

How to make sure who you truly are?

How to love yourself, or even just like yourself?

So many fundamental questions, where to get the answers?

Since ancient times, as we learn though classic mythology, pointed by the re-known scholar Joseph Campbell, when you identify with creative powers within you, you identify with god. Understanding the personal spiritual experiences helps us differentiate with precision where this place of the inner divine is, and learn to connect to it. Learn how we make decisions, particularly life-altering decisions, the circumstances and the consequences of those decisions that take place in your life, and learn to establish the place from which to make decisions that your will never regret.

You begin to identify with creative power within you, finding your path of spiritual discovery, begin to use your imagination, begin to create your Avatar representing your intention, an elegant way for you when you are ready to begin to identify and merge with your desired life intention. Removing limitations, which are currently holding you back from your top performance, will extend your success in uncovering the true you, a powerful person you are BECOMING, leading you to your ultimate success of being satisfied with your life.

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  1. Dennis Charles
    11 years ago

    Sounds like a great program!

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