Staying In The Light

What is “Staying In The Light”?

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.StayingIntTheLightLaughing Eleanor Roosevelt

People come to me with questions looking for meaning to their life.

Often in our 40s-50s, or even in our 30s, we begin to seek confirmation to what has been happening in life so far in a spiritual sense of soul-searching and purpose. It is at this time in life many turn to “God,” and Higher Power which controls them from the outside, all to find that nonetheless the control is always up to them. “Staying in the Light” is a facilitated process connecting individuals to their personal wisdom and guidance, in relation to their life purpose. “Staying in the Light” is unique, as it helps one uncover personal life’s intention from the position of balance. The incredible power of following self-discovery in the state of meditative awareness, facilitated by clarity of choice and imminency of commitment creates for the individual a strong link to legacy and satisfaction from the process. My clients enjoy highly personalized creative process of their own connecting to their inner truth and personal wisdom.

The work that I do is accompanied by a sense of well being, an inner knowing what to do next and the discovery of the meaning of their life. “Staying in the Light” reflects the individual’s personal mythology which reveals their internal organization, beliefs and values, and simplifies decision-making.

Connection with the divine uncovering individual’s intentions is also a pivotal point of change so desired transformation in the appropriate direction can take place. Observing a client’s internal mythology, I connect the physiology of the body in its balanced form with the neuroscience, and lead the client to their place of wisdom, where emerges the sense of a bigger picture, awareness of life direction, a legacy and the long desired sense of personal satisfaction. I facilitate clients’ experience of their own wisdom in their own terms, and create space where doubt dissipates, and awareness through a unique series of intention-based protocols in higher consciousness, leading them to create a desired future that is in line with who they are. As a mentor, I help clients to further connect to the information, in connection with their intention. Together we uncover ways to make active decisions for every-day living, using their patterns of success.


Is This Right For You?


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


I often hear about a dream people have of the time when one experiences their life somehow differently, better, richer, fuller, in more complete and satisfying ways, with a sense of adventure and the unknown, and where life begins to make sense. Some others seek a higher consciousness experience of connecting with their spirituality, guidance and power, as an effective way to create impactful solutions for situations that are unavailable to the conscious mind alone.  Yet others want scientifically proven and traditional, yet cutting edge ways of mind mapping for creating future memory of their life’s intention.

If you are one on them, this book is for you.

Read this book if at some point in your life you already experienced success, tasted various experiences, touched by disappointments from other people’s expectations of you, and found yourself now asking fundamental questions:

  • What have I accomplished?
  • How can I make my life even better and sustain it?
  • What is the meaning of my life?

In early 2001, through a series of auspicious circumstances, which I describe later in the book, I came upon the realization of the power of the mind. When I began to search for a deeper meaning of my own life, I experimented with the power of my mind, to find that self-suggestion, dreams, meditative states, creating art, and spirituality are all related. I discovered that the secret of my potential is inside me, and I wanted to find ways to realize it, quickly, and effectively. I embarked on a journey. I found a treasure, studied and researched it, made sure it works and went on to share it with others.

Reflecting on the decade of my work with clients, I feel guided to the conclusions that I lay out in this book: that we are all loved, that we have a purpose and that we need to stay in the light in order to fulfill ourselves. Simple daily practice of staying in balance, in congruency in integrity with yourself, with your inner wisdom, essentially, staying in the light, recommended by spiritual guides reaps great benefits both short and long-term and that is easy to implement.

In my work providing clients with a bridge to spiritual freedom, satisfaction and awareness, I collected stories, questions, and topics that reflect their experiences. I have punctuated those experiences with notes of what is relevant for them in their experience and reflections on my own journey. I am here to reveal to you one more angle of how your life’s journey can be breathtaking.

Read this book with an open heart as part of your path to discovering your own legacy, in the time when you allow your guidance, trusted advice, and solid ground guide you to your truth.

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"The work that you are doing does sound differernt from whats out there. Thats what I like about it. It seems to go to the next makes sense!!" Sherri, 48, Medical Sales, Utah

"At the conference two things stood out for me. The first was your passion and knowledge about gamma, the second was the way that I felt during and after your presentation. It was a great experience for me: my body became very energized, like a power surge. I also experienced clarity about current situation in my life. I can just imagine what results I can have in private sessions with you! So I am drawn to learning more." Brad, 55, Psychiatrist, Vermont

"First of all, I was surprised at your organization, the size and breadth of the scope of work you did with me in the sessions. All my questions were answered. I was amazed how we went through the questions as sort of a blueprint of my life, and did all of it in one sitting. Very good, accomplished feeling! The most valuable revelation is that I am in charge of my life and it is doable, and can be effortless!" Jason, 57, Technical Director, Vancouver

"For a few weeks after our private work, I had not seen the connection between our work and the results in my life. I started to write every day, with interest and my novel is moving along. Recently, upon re-reading the transcripts from our sessions and evaluating my daily work, I realized, that what is now happening in my life is a direct result of our work together, my own revelations, and the personal intention I created for myself! Morrin thank you for making my life effortless! I didn't realize that I had acquired such a commitment to my writing and the actions I needed to be taking is so I can complete the book by my deadline." Teresa, 47, Author, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for your work with me. I feel so connected with inner quiet stillness and serendipity, a sensation of excitement and effortlessness. I feel very powerful in my own life experience, and exactly the way I want to be." Shirri, 38, Consultant, Israel

"Morrin, these amazing results must be attributed to our recent conversations. I don't k now how you do it. The result is that I am excited about my life, feel fully engaged in life, which is effortless and free." Lorraine R., 48, Banker

"As a mentor, you probably heard it before, but I will say it again. Now, after I started working with you, it is easier for me to do what I have to do at work. I manage a number of people and tasks, this coordination used to be tedious for me, and I used to get angry and impatient. Now I have a totally different awareness, and I had great experience learning through Gamma Hypnosis." Tim Daniel, 48, Sr. Manager, New York

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