The Tiger And The Goat

In the early spring when the prairie life is just waking up a mother-tiger gave birth to a beautiful cub. Rolling in the sun of the hot morning the cub did not notice that his mother went off to get her pray and never came back. The cub was left all by himself. The next day a passing tribe of goats stopped by on the way to finding nurturing grasses. The cub found a new mother in a goat who had just had her little ones. She had plenty of milk and the little tiger became brothers with his little goat siblings.

Time passed, and eventually the little tiger grew into a big tiger, only he grew together with the goats and lived and ate with them, imitating them in their beeeing.

One day he was sitting in the sun eating the lucious grass all around him, picking nutritious stalks and endlessly chewing on them. He then went to the little pond nearby to drink some water. That’s when he saw a big old tiger.

The big old tiger looked at him and said: “ARRRGH! Who are you?”

The young tiger said: “I am a goat! Beeeeh!”

The old tiger then pushed him to look at his reflection in the pond. That’s when the young tiger and the old tiger both looked into the pond reflective surface and the young tiger saw himself being exactly alike the old tiger. The old tiger said: “what are you doing here, with the goats. YOU are a TIGERRRRRR! Here eat some of this.” He pointed to a fresh kill nearby.

The young tiger took a piece of meat, swallowed it and suddenly felt the world around him change. He looked at the old tiger and felt himself being powerful just like him.

The gracious muscular body and the power of the old tiger’s voice, the taste of blood, evoke long forgotten memories in the young tiger. And suddenly he heard himself speak up his first:”ARRRRGH!”

As he heard his own voice he became excited as the unbelievable and largely unfamiliar strength arouse in him. He felt his paws become springy and his back arching, and the movements of his body with poise and gravitas, he pounced forward.

He became himself.

How often do we forget who we really are in the midst of our every day patterns? Having adopted the beliefs that aren’t really ours, we follow thoughtlessly the leaders whom we don’t question,  as well as don’t respect, because this is how it always was, this is how we were brought up, and this is what we were taught to believe.

When is a good time to wake up from that?

I think the time is now.



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