What Happened To Art? – What Happened To Us! – Part III

I am sure you know, that riding commuter trains have an affect on our vestibular system. Our mid-brain is not sure what to do when we can’t keep our equilibrium and often the dis-balanced body tends to stay in place trying to re-gain its balance.

With a soft ride on the commuter train people get entranced and often fall asleep. It’s like being in a cradle. It reminds our body of being cradled in our mother’s arms. Our system comes to rest, we feel safe. Relax. Those who aren’t ready to sleep, settle in and stare out the window. I like staring out the window, at the people, trees, sky, as a common activity on the train; it produces a sensations of calm, safe, sit back relaxation. While we relax this way our brain, our mind relaxes too.

The inner questions begin to come up, wisdoms arise, connecting the dots. Sometimes these precious moments lead to realizations, revelations, and some long awaited ‘aha’ moments. Suddenly thing make sense, become really clear, like reading in a book. 

I enjoy train rides. If I happen to ride with Mark, like yesterday, I am very happy because we have the greatest time. As intellectual partners we usually enter into a “flow” and time passes by quickly, while we are having stimulating conversations on various topics, and what I call “brainstorming meetings.” Yesterday, we went to see his 94-year-old mother who lives about 2 hours away, on our weekly visit and dinner together, which Mark cooks so exquisitely, with joy and ease. As a former restaurant chef, Mark enjoys cooking much more than I do, and although I can make a dish or two very well, I don’t deny him the pleasure of cooking for his beloved family, so I just have a good time with his mom while he is busy in the kitchen. She and I have a quiet, good mood play time together.

I watch Mark move in the tiny kitchen area, and his moves are like a well choreographed ballet. His timing is exact to the minute. On a small stove top he is able to make food come out on plates so we all get a hot meal consisting of three-four choices. Last night we had a simple meal: bacon and eggs with rye toast and tomato and cucumber slices. I know, bacon is not the healthiest choice! But it is tasty, and its thin dark lines were well composed on the square plate, in the middle diagonally – two bright egg eyes, offset by a red tomato, pale cucumber, and a broad stroke of a brown toast, aesthetically pleasing, colorful and appetizing.

As we sat to dinner, Mark and I began to recall our conversation on the train. We discussed art (!!!) After attending NADA past weekend, I am in a shocking trance about contemporary artistic values in our culture. I had my ‘aha’ moment and now it  all clicks together.

On the train, a bunch of load urban school kids came on. Must have been after 3pm, and the school was out. Suddenly everyone had to pay attention to their racket.

I watched the boys uniformed gestures supporting their torn jeans, slumping down their hips; their deconstructed jackets, t-shirts styled with a ripped look. Urban Outfitters, or Obey, and many other popular clothing stores, set trends in this destructed, torn, misfitting look in their clothes, instilling the fashion for the teens, so kids go there first to stock up on their “school” clothing, before they go site-seeing visiting New York.

Is this the kind of aesthetics that is pleasing to them? They just follow the crowd, because the majority of young population is very absorbant to the advertisement and what is out there to attract their attention. To distract them from getting better at what their like, to prevent them from keeping focused on being at their best, doing their best, striving to create beauty.

This is a new “artistic” form being imbedded into their system. Dystopian fallout.

Dark clothing for the less affluent urban kind, and lighter beige for those who are served in white gloves. All the same, the color coordination and esthetic form creating internal pleasing effect is disappearing before our eyes. Along with movies, in which violence is a theme, the death fetish items produces by major designer lines, de-constucted deformed clothing, mutilated art, dystopian story-lines in contempoorary movies, this is what the new arising culture views as norm.

Consequently, artistic creativity also has a different norm. Let’s say it is NOT what we were used to.

Art is still an activity, or a product with an esthetic value.

It’s just that artistic values have changed.

If an artist uses the canvas to vomit onto it the pain of his soul: Is it art? According to contemporary art, Yes! Even if it is degenerate and disgracing. It is a pain of life.

A deformity trend continues started by Jean-Michel Basquiat in his anatomically grotesque parts in mutated colors and words screaming for help from his canvases, and before him heightened by Pablo Picasso, in Guernica, an inspiration against war, violence, drugs and crime.

What artistic value can one produce if they took up that trend as norm? If violence, deconstruction, mutilation, dystopia, deformity is viewed as norm,



Will we want to see it? What will be the future of art?

They are our future leaders, a population of tomorrow. How can we ensure that what they create will be


not the opposite?

What can we give them to create a future that works?

What if they could be pro-peace? Why not peacefully sit on the grass, “with flowers in their hair”, as our song-loving predecessors at Woodstock did?

I wondered if there was a definition for “art” before there was one?

Before there was art what was there? Egypt with streamlining cosmic awareness, underworld and afterlife? Cave drawings, hypnotically drawing us further into the depth of creation? Cave drawings contained enormous value for the early society. Just remember the Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Ritualistic, they pulled creative energy, stimulating, manipulating the universal cosmological meaning of all life. Unexplained and mystical.

Wait, so urban dystopia has its meaning, cosmological, mystical and even creative. The dystopian mythology creates fear, locks the system of creativity in chains with a heavy ball, lowering the energy down to plain survival. Of the scale of self-actualisation, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, survival is at the very bottom. At that level there is no enjoyment of art; appreciation of aesthetic values is way up above survival.

We know well, that being in the survival mode is not conducive for creativity, there is no fullness of the experience, fulfillment, satisfaction of creating a legacy…….. The primal value of survival is… survival of the fittest.

Mark had just returned from the weekend in the suburbs of Chicago facilitating with Jeffrey Leiken, a leading teen mentor in the country, and a few other colleagues in a workshop for teenagers, introducing to them a way they can be when they have what they want. Mark describes watching the kids transition from apathy and boredom to excitement, hope and energetic spring, when they began to have a taste of awareness of their own ideo-syncratic way to make decisions they would never regret, how they are when they have an opportunity to make decisions on their own, instead of following the crowd, or parents, or being bullied by their brothers, peers, and media.

Speaking of media overwhelm…. One of the participants in that workshop, an over-texted by his mother every 20 minutes boy,  had to turn his phone off to be able to pay attention. Growing up he was bullied by his brother, also present at the workshop, this teen started the day with being withdrawn from participation, sitting back, with disbelief to all that is going on. During the break Mark worked with him for 10 minutes, and the kid returns to the room, transformed, having assumed a different position, interested and active in participation, excited to be alive and inspired in his determination to go forward living this way.  One kid at a time.

We are the ones to help them rise, to give them values, and in such way, that it would create an opportunity for them to be independently self-balanced and well-formed in their bodies and their heads, to be able to make decisions what is good for them to eat, wear and say, what the right thing is to do, and most importantly,


so they can begin to live it with excitement, inspiration, knowing that they are adding value, creating THE ART OF LIFE.


But what if WE look at it from another point of view – creating a NEW KIND OF legacy…..

Deconstruction is an out-of-balance form. Technically speaking, out-of-balance forms are a reflection of out-of-balance state of mind, body, and soul, and on a bigger scale: dis-balance in the society at large.

Once the system is out of balance it begins to streamline itself TOWARD BALANCE.

This is basic human condition. The maintenance of equilibrium is a basis of life. 

When dystopia is all around in the environment eventually it begins to create UTOPIA again. The evolution is unstoppable.  If the life is not extinguished, it will be re-created at a new level.

Art will again become aesthetically pleasing, balanced and well-formed, beauty will be fashionable again, form will follow function and joy will re-enter our minds. Until then:

All Life is Art…. Art is balance of life.  

All life is perfect, and there is nothing that needs to be forced to be changed because the time comes and the change occurs easily and naturally. Progress of evolution, finding balance is naturally artistic. Everything as it should be – in balance.




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