Your Body Has a Mind

It’s not what you think. Of course, your mind is in your head. But your body has its own, separate mind. (Metaphorically speaking: There isn’t an actual mind in your body.) And I bet you didn’t know that you have a mind that makes decisions for you… and it’s NOT in your head!

This morning I took a hatha yoga class, after almost a decade of just doing cross-training for strength. Taking this class was particularly curious for me as my acuity about my body awareness grew over the past six years.  Without going too much into anatomical titles, I am quite aware of which muscles in which area of my back I am using now to support myself while I am typing this text.

How can this be interesting to you?

In the yoga class this morning I was noticing alternating muscular contraction, elongation, relaxation in my muscles and the corresponding neurological (emotional and cognitive) responses causing me to feel particular emotions, and think particular thoughts as the exercises progressed.

In the beginning of the hour, after a few deep breaths I followed the oxygen into my brain, relaxation started, which caused me to close my eyes. As I closed my eyes, my attention went to the tingle in my left foot folded in front of my pelvis in a lotus pose.

Sensations in our body can be subtle or obvious,

but they are there all the time, any time.

Just search for them. 


It is important that we notice what our body is saying to us, because then we will be able to control our thoughts and emotions through altering our physical sensations, by moving our body or nurturing it in particular ways.

As I continued to perform poses-asanas, I felt my muscular contractions, tensing and relaxation alternating from back to front, from one side to the other, according to the exercise. Breathing deeply with each move my body received extra oxygen, and I naturally began to feel an excitement of participating with this group of people, whom I did not k now. The ultimate joy raised to my conscious awareness, through my spine, as I bended it in Warrior 2. Again and again, surging upward from my root, my energy tingled me on the top of my head, under my scalp, particularly on the left side. As the neuroscientific explanation suggests my brain began to produce oxytocin, which are powerful hormones generating wellbeing.

All the while my bare feet were grabbing onto the floor, feeling the soft rubber of the thin mat and the hardness of the wood floor underneath it. My toes were doing some very subtle moves  balancing my body in place on the mat. It was obvious, I’m not too great at balancing asanas! My arms were waving in the air, to my amazement, without my telling them where to move to to find their balance, and as they moved by themselves as if they knew what to do, in a while they came to place, so that my whole body was suspended on one foot, arms stretched, perfectly balanced. This awareness brought a thought, just noticing that my body knows what to do, and if I listen and let it “speak” it will tell me how to get where I want to get without forcing it. The body knows and that it is amazing that it does.

The energy from my toes began to rise and the familiar sensation of filling up with energy tingled upward my body to the top of my head where it tingled for a while. My awareness of myself at my most inspired state, filled with youthful energy, brought thoughts of inspiration for all things I wanted to do this day.

That reminded me of my client with whom I began working recently who kept on insisting that she never feels anything at all in her body.  In our session, I got up from my chair and walked over to her and I stepped on her foot as she yanked the foot from under my foot shouting that it hurts! “Well,” I said, “So then you DO FEEL…”

She shared that she gets tired sitting at the desk for hours on end. Well, a lot of people with a “sitting” job are guilty many times continuing to sit at the desk for hours trying to produce one more sentence, one more phone call, draw one more line, and ignoring their body’s “begging” for a stretch?…..

Recently I met with a young mother, my former client. We met in Central Park. She brought her baby-son and as we talked sitting on the bench, he inquisitively stretched his arms to everything around him, trying to get away from his mother’s restricting arms. She held him tight and seemingly spent a lot of energy preventing him from sliding down to the ground where he might get dirt on his new wool jacket, or her suede coat. She complained about the “baby being active, and so …alive!” He was being alive, yes, as a normal child would, still not yet quite aware of his own intention for freedom to move around… Later in life, he might become conditioned to sit still for longer periods of time and pay attention to other concepts and ideas that are outside his body.

Most people just delete their sensations from their awareness and are quick to dismiss the information on the physical plane other than pain.  So if there is no pain, they say, they feel nothing at all!

While your body is telling you very important and useful information

It is telling you how to move for better balance, what to eat for better nutrition, what to do for your best career, who to marry for better procreation, and finally, …what to do in life to feel fulfillment in life.

What does it give you to feel your body and know what it says to you?

Most people are asking to help changing their understanding of themselves in order to find balance, equilibrium, to be able to control body’s sensations, desires and consequently, your own thoughts, moods, keeping an eye of your intentions and therefore able to adjust the directions of your behavior.

Begin with listening to your body in its various areas. Well…. aside from some bad habits, upbringing and cultural influences that may have the best of you so far, the change is possible, and most enjoyable time in your life is yet to come! It is possible to be aware of your body functioningModern neuroscience tells us that the brain continues to change itself and grows until ….. death! So no, it is never too late to begin to change your lifestyle, habits, and incorporate steps to becoming aware.

And if you want to get someplace before the closing curtain time, you have to start now! After all, no matter what you think about eternity, there isn’t that much time left for you. 


Some people say they make decisions in their head and that their body is not involved. What about those times when you smell a rose or catch a wiff of a familiar perfume and are suddenly reminded of some romantic time in your past, that leaves you in a dreamy mode and you wonder for the rest of the day whether you made the right choice marrying your current partner? Or when you are drawn to some people, who you meet at a conference, or on the commuter train, and without even quite knowing them, without any explanation, are having a conversation with them, only interrupted by approaching to your station and the rude awakening fo going to home? Or, do you consciously decide to smile holding a baby, secretly wondering if the baby likes you?  Or as you are laying down on the beach in the sun do you consciously decide to feel like this is the best day of your life, or do you just notice what it is already happening?

The sensations you experience in your body through your nervous system send signals to your brain and in a fraction of a second your brain produces a response, a hormonal secretion, depending on the sensation, which triggers a move, sometimes involuntary. If the original sensation is a startle, the response maybe self-preservation, or even moving away, escaping, or fighting. If there is a pleasure, the hormonal response will be one of relaxation and well being, moving toward the source more and closer. Only THEN comes a thought of liking it, which may trigger further moves and decisions and often without a conscious reason. And you think it was you who made a decision in your head to talk to this or that person, or smile, or break up with your boyfriend, move to a different town, or urgency in having to find resolution to your career, relationship, life …

So if you are convinced that

You make your decisions in your head first….

…and that your head is driving your experiences in your physical reality…

…in your experience of your emotions….

 This is your wake up call.

Your body has a mind of its own!

And it is the sensations in YOUR BODY and NOT your head that are the primary drivers of your experience. 

Becoming aware of your body, sensations and processes will allow you to connect your physical experiences to your life situations, the perception of yourself in relation to others and begint to make decisions based on what you want, not what you have always done!

To begin right now reading this post, take a moment to become aware of your own sensations in your body, your posture, your breathing, your heartbeat, pulsing in your fingertips, tingling in your toes, and look for it until you find it.

Leave a comment for Morrin about your sensations, write below this article.

Reference: Sandra Blakeslee, “Your Body Has  A Mind Of Its Own”


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    9 years ago

    Hi Morrin,

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for this last written expression that you created. It’s a very useful piece both from the point of view of following, living, studying and engaging with the Mytho work and from outside of the Mytho view/orientation. Your site also has a new level/update to it with a wonderful elegance and coherence. The last P4 training must have brought a whole new layer/level back to your core and out to your creations and offerings in the world. My whole system was drawn to read every new piece on your site and it was all fully and deeply useful and it pointed me back to what is my own path and my own journey to live more fully and deeply from the possible and inherently generated and lived story.

    Thanks for providing some fuller inspiration and I’m glad you are continuing to deepen into your artistry and your living experience of how to get others to be ready and available to the yet unborn inherent action they will take as they move forward from their own unique story.

    Be deeply well and satisfied,


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